Thursday, January 9, 2014

Belated Happy New Year! And "Time" for "Illustration Friday"

Happy New Year, Everybody!

October, and especially November on, was jam packed and threw me for several loops.  Making blogging difficult/impossible, but I am aiming to get back on track with that this Twenty-Fourteen.

To get back on that track, I'm posting this submission for "Illustration Friday" and "Time."

As it's Fan Art, it fits the theme because of the following question: "What times is it?" "Adventure-Time!"

Also, since it has LSP combined with "Game of Thrones"-- and since I personally have been freezing up until three days ago (having been near NYC from mid December through early January, and only thawing in California over the past less than seventy-two hours)-- it has to do with "Winter-time."  

This minipainting is called "Game of Lumps: Winter is Coming," and as GOT and real life on the East Coast and Midwest can now all say, "Winter is coming.  Winter has come."

Thanks for reading, and good wishes to all on this New Year.

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