Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Secret," for Illustration Friday

So, I am bummed to be missing L.A.'s amazing Convention, "Comickaze."  I hope to exhibit there one day in the future, and I was looking forward to going and seeing some friend exhibitors there today.  However, deadlines and life (as well as Mercury in Retrograde) have had other plans for me, so I am working on an article for a deadline, and a poster project.  Plus, I am tabling at LBCC in just under a month, so, it's time to start cranking out work for that as well.

But since my blogging has fallen off a bit lately, here's a new post.  I'm submitting to the "Secret" theme for this week's "Illustration Friday."  This mini-painting is called "Strawberry-Cinnamon Donut Time."  I've also begun to do more fanart for fun and for conventions, so, here is one combining "Adventuretime" and "Strawberry Shortcake."

In this one, Strawberry Shortcake and Peppermint Butler are sharing a silly "secret," and a donut.  However, Cinnamon Bun cannot hear their conversation, assumes the worst, and that he is not long for this world.  Poor Cinnamon Bun!

My website will soon have a new Fanart section up.  Until then, I'll post the link to my new "like" page on Facebook, and the link for anyone else to submit to I.F.

Art Facebook Page:

The I.F. Page, to post between now and Next Friday for the "Secret" theme:

Thanks for reading, and Happy Sunday!

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