Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Entangled" for "Illustration Friday"

In the above minipainting "Doctor Who-supial," (a limited edition print of which will be available at the Meltdown Comics Store DOCTOR WHO themed show in one week from this Friday on November First; the original was sold at the "Locust Moon" comics festival in Philly), the lives of the two main characters are quite "entangled!"

Amy Pond and the Doctor have a complicated connection, and so do Fuzzy Pond and Doctor Who-Supial. Oh also, the Fez is entangled in her rope, as she hopes to lasso the silly thing off of his head.

More updates and recaps of past awesome conventions when I can get my stuff together.  Playing catchup + Mercury in Retrograde = No schedule things going quite as planned, but, oh well.  Someday in the future, the Fan Art/Mashup section of my site will be up, and this image/the others in its vein will have a digital place to live.

But for now, please check out I.F. and submit yourself until Friday if you'd like!  Link below (-:

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