Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Of Marsupi-Masks, and Sepia Koalas

Made this tonight at Highland Park's "The Pop Hop" Book Shop, through Simon Sotelo's awesome mask making/zine making L.A. Zine Fest sponsored workshop!

Yayyyy.  Need to post more works and updates and useful thingeys soon, but, wanted to share this step in my gradual transformation towards Mostly Marsupial

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Entangled" for "Illustration Friday"

In the above minipainting "Doctor Who-supial," (a limited edition print of which will be available at the Meltdown Comics Store DOCTOR WHO themed show in one week from this Friday on November First; the original was sold at the "Locust Moon" comics festival in Philly), the lives of the two main characters are quite "entangled!"

Amy Pond and the Doctor have a complicated connection, and so do Fuzzy Pond and Doctor Who-Supial. Oh also, the Fez is entangled in her rope, as she hopes to lasso the silly thing off of his head.

More updates and recaps of past awesome conventions when I can get my stuff together.  Playing catchup + Mercury in Retrograde = No schedule things going quite as planned, but, oh well.  Someday in the future, the Fan Art/Mashup section of my site will be up, and this image/the others in its vein will have a digital place to live.

But for now, please check out I.F. and submit yourself until Friday if you'd like!  Link below (-:

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Post NYCC Sleepless Minicomic Blog Update

NYCC was awesome!  I tabled in Artist's Alley, and even came into town early, as I flew in on Octoer 4th to exhibit at the Locust Moon Convention.  It was an Indie Con, in Philly, and it/the city was a great experience.  From there I headed to the NYC 'burbs to be with my family, and then commute back and forth when exhibiting at New York Comic Con's Artist Alley this past weekend.  I came back to California early today.

However, I am now unable to sleep.  Oh you, Jetlag.  Oh you.

But in better news, in the NYCC spirit, I am posting a teaser post to my main minicomic.  Meet Sam and Bob, in their pre-Angel and Devil form.  Yes, I said Angel and Devil.  And yes, they are clams.

Stay tuned for more info on their web, and in print/zine-y (see what I just did there?) Activities.