Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Teatime" for Creative Tuesdays!

Hi everyone!  Well this post is bittersweet, for Mr. Toast has announced this is the last "Creative Tuesdays" collab blog/challenge.

However, he is going to be focusing on his own illustrations and work, which are amazing!  Everyone should check them out.

In any case, Although I did not have time to make a new drawing for "Teatime," I had time to refashion a greeting card that I had, with tea, into a pattern.  Ever since a long ago "Creative Tuesdays" challenge of pattern making, I have gotten into the habit of making them for fun.  Some I'd even like to print out on a tee or a tablecloth one day if it were possible (perhaps a tablecloth for an "Alice in Wonderland" styled tea-party?), but we shall see.

In any case, the "Teatime" pattern features pups playing with sugar, tea, and coffee-- sweets and caffeine everywhere!  Don't feed your real life pups this stuff, but if you draw cartoons, your on-paper-puppies can luckily eat anything you draw, without incident ^_^

Thank you very very much Mr. Toast for your hard work, kindness, and opportunity for artists to submit work to a very fun bi-weekly collab.  I will keep up with your art, and miss this very much.  Virtual hugs, and the best of wishes to you!

And now, to close with some links.

The final C.T. "Teatime" challenge:

Mister Toast's Facebook:

Mister Toast's Website:

Thanks anyone for reading, love to all you other C.T.-ers, and good wishes to everyone on future happenings.

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MMm.. said...

Aw, Donna, thank you for you lovely write up. So glad you repatterned this piece so you could be on the last theme.

"Ever since a long ago "Creative Tuesdays" challenge of pattern making, I have gotten into the habit of making them for fun."
-LOVE reading that. It's knowing CT helped people be creative and made an impact, however small, on their life that means so much to me.

Now, why not doggies and tea together? Love it. hee. I like how the tea is pouring out tea falvoured hearts. Cute!

you know, I don;t even want to end this comment so let me jsut say THANK YOU so much for all your art, for your write ups, etc. YOU were one of the few who stuck with it for a long time. One of the "oldest" contributors in fact. I've loved watching your art. If/when I am in San Diego visiting my daughter who just moved there, I will have to check out your art table a the centre square outdoor creative market, right? :) thank you for any way you follow along on FB. I hope you have a FB biz page, do you? Thanks again, Donna. You really added a lot to this co-op and were so very diligent. you'll be missed here. your words mean alot too, I might add. Wishing you all the best with your artistic endeavours and books, etc, etc.