Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So, L.A. is 232 Years Old Today...

Happy Birthday, Los Angeles!

So I've just learned through Twitter, that you are 232 years old.  Please accept my illustration of Hollywood Forever turned birthday-card for this occasion.

 The Left Coast is my second home, and I have been hopping back and forth between NYC and L.A. for seven years now.  Eeeep, weird.  Soy vieja :-\  But both where I hail from and where I spend a great deal of my time now here are great places in their own right, and I am grateful/lucky to have learned the ins and outs of Los Angeles, and all of the the things that make it a great place (and all of the things its many detractors either don't know about, or don't care to learn).

In both coast news, I just got some yay news about upcoming conventions which I'll have to update about. But for now, I can mention that I will be tabling at the West Hollywood Book Fair, and I am excited/need to get cracking on art for this and other events.

Love to NYLA, and anyone else celebrating L.A.'s B-Day that may come across this random blog.

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