Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Power" for Illustration Friday (And info on Day Two of the Latino Comics Expo!)

So, taking a nap right after a Con makes you stay up late.  Le fail.  But not let fail, is this theme for I.F.!  Which, since I'm already awake, I will post my entry for.

As coffee gives me the "power" to keep going (along with a great deal of the population), and I think that there is great "power" in happiness and laughter, I am submitting this handmade greeting card to Illustration Friday.

It is captioned, "¿Qué le dijo la cucharita al azúcar?" "¡Te espero en el café!"

Which in English translates to, "What did the teaspoon say to the sugar?"  "I’ll wait for you in the café."  The pun is because "cafe" simeltaneously means "cafe" you sit in, and coffee you drink.  Yes world, I have now crossed the threshold into hopefully lots more punning, and not just in English :-p

So, the main thing in this card "power" related is the coffee and sugar abounding and giving everybody energy (physical power), and I hope also the "power" of laughter, punning, and silliness.  Oh, and love, between people/dogs/etc., since the two protagonists seem happy with one another and their various perritos.

This and several other Spanish (along with a few English and blank cards) will be available at the second day of the Latino Comics Expo in Long Beach, where I am sharing a table with an awesome cartoonist named Gabby.  Today's first day was really fun, and am looking forward to tomorrow's!  Link and info below.

If you'd like to submit to I.F., here's the relevant link below.

And now, I have to crash to head out early again tomorrow.  Night all, and thanks for reading (-:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Forest" for Creative Tuesdays

So, here is a greeting card I finally finished in time for "Creative Tuesdays!"  I just got back from travelling to Oregon, and while I did not get to explore the forest there, it put me in a forest-y mood.  So many trees, and so much green, everywhere!  There are no pine trees in my illustration, alas, as this is a clearing within a forest.

The trees on the outside protect the little girls and their forest friends, who are a bunny and a deer.  They don't know the sun is peeking in on their scene, but they need not worry-- he'll keep them warm and protect them.

I'm quite tired, so I won't write more, but here is the link to submit to today's "forest" theme at Mister Toast's great "Creative Tuesdays:"

Thanks for reading, and lots of love!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Some Noir-y Things/Black and White Drawings

Here are some finished black and white works, with a dark/noir/potentially sad theme, depending.

Picture the first, titled "All I Want for Christmas."

Picture the second, titled "Crossing Cars."

Picture the third, titled "Love Stings."

Love color, but also loving working in black and white.  More posts when possible (still very tired from the PDX Zine Symposium)!