Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ships! The latest theme for Creative Tuesdays

Okay, so above is my handmade greeting card submission for Creative Tuesdays and "Ships."  I am so very exhausted writing this from wandering all around San Diego and the big ol' convention this past weekend, but I have been working on many cards for a convention  I am in coming up.  I created this one specifically for the theme at Creative Tuesdays, and it's been probably the one I've had the most fun on out of all of the cards I have been drawing of late (-:  .

Thematically, here are some exhausted/hopefully coherent bullet points as to it tying into the theme:

1.  The literal ship: seen in the background, chugging away, and piloted by a faraway Swordfish.

2.  The fashion ships.  If you peek over at the humans' attire, perhaps (at least I hope!) some ship-py designs can be seen.

3.  The relationship: the Swordfishy romance.

4.  The friendship:  the inseparable bond between the two human children.

I am thinking of captioning it, "Ship Ship, Hooray!  Have a Wonderful Day!"  But I may actually caption it in Spanish as I am creating bi-lingual cards for this event.  Also, it seems as if it should have a romantic bent.

I had a rough past three weeks from life/stress/Mercury in Retrograde, but I feel much better having finished drawing this, and to have done it for this challenge.  C.T. is the best and when I am awake/eyes not pulsing from staring at a computer screen, I will check out everybody's work.

Thank you as always, Mister Toast  --!!

EDITED TO ADD:  Here is the link to submit to new C.T. challenges, and where to see older ones!  I was so exhausted I forgot to post it before :-\


Wanda said...

Donna, so much details, and I love your interpretation of each detail. Swordfish romance..tee hee, that's too sweet.

Alexandra said...

Wonderful ship interpretation, Donna. I always LOVE your bright colors and then the black to make it pop. :)

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Donna, as always such a beautifully drawn piece of art with so much detail. So colourful and cheerful as well.

Christine said...

very nice piece with lots of details to enjoy!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Visiting from Creative Tuesdays - This is amazing - it reminds me of a childrens adventure story, like The Famous Five :0)

Alicia C said...

love this! too cool and so narrative

MMm.. said...

Aw, Donna, I;;m sur eI am not the only one SO GLAD to see you join in again, this time around. I LOVE LOVE your interpretation. SO FUN! So clever and intricate too. One of your best interpretations I think...even if Mercury in retrograde! lol. HEy, you live in San Diego? My daughter is moving there soon. How funny.
I hope things keep improving and thank you for your lovely note about CT. Makes me feel very toasty warm indeed! :)