Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ships! The latest theme for Creative Tuesdays

Okay, so above is my handmade greeting card submission for Creative Tuesdays and "Ships."  I am so very exhausted writing this from wandering all around San Diego and the big ol' convention this past weekend, but I have been working on many cards for a convention  I am in coming up.  I created this one specifically for the theme at Creative Tuesdays, and it's been probably the one I've had the most fun on out of all of the cards I have been drawing of late (-:  .

Thematically, here are some exhausted/hopefully coherent bullet points as to it tying into the theme:

1.  The literal ship: seen in the background, chugging away, and piloted by a faraway Swordfish.

2.  The fashion ships.  If you peek over at the humans' attire, perhaps (at least I hope!) some ship-py designs can be seen.

3.  The relationship: the Swordfishy romance.

4.  The friendship:  the inseparable bond between the two human children.

I am thinking of captioning it, "Ship Ship, Hooray!  Have a Wonderful Day!"  But I may actually caption it in Spanish as I am creating bi-lingual cards for this event.  Also, it seems as if it should have a romantic bent.

I had a rough past three weeks from life/stress/Mercury in Retrograde, but I feel much better having finished drawing this, and to have done it for this challenge.  C.T. is the best and when I am awake/eyes not pulsing from staring at a computer screen, I will check out everybody's work.

Thank you as always, Mister Toast  --!!

EDITED TO ADD:  Here is the link to submit to new C.T. challenges, and where to see older ones!  I was so exhausted I forgot to post it before :-\

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Interrupting Regularly Scheduled Programming...

For a photo with my favorite fluffy pup!

I should draw said pomeranian, because I heart her so and she is so fluffy.  She is technically not my dog, but I spend a lot of time with her and she means very much to me.

That is all.  More productive posts later, after Mecury in Retrograde decides to take a break from being the Lucy to my Charlie Brown, and pulling a way a football to make me trip every time I take a step.