Thursday, June 13, 2013

Illustration Friday: Children

Better late than never!  Here's my I.F. submission for "Children," for another story I just finished for an upcoming Grayhaven Comics anthology that's themed around Cities.

Previously, I showed panels that I drew for an upcoming Anthology that is themed around "War" stories, with the story I illustrated being set in 1917 Petrograd. 

The story here is set in New Jersey, and written by Ray Goldfield.  Specifically, it is set at the shore, with a local girl showing her new vacationing friend around the many sights and sounds at Point Pleasant.

These panels show their trip to the aquarium and to the funhouse.  They're twelve, and while we don't feel like a kid when we're orld-weary middle-schoolers, at that point we're all technically still "children"-- hence the submission for this theme.

And now, for links!

Here's a link to Grayhaven, the publisher involved in publishing the "War," "Cities," and other anthologies:

And finally, here is the link to Illustration Friday, both to submit and see the work of others:

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