Friday, June 28, 2013

"Equality" for Illustration Friday, and "Paper Trail" this Saturday at Monkeyhouse Toys!

Good Morning!

Today's I.F. challenge is "Equality," and in the spirit of the DOMA/Proposition 8 related Supreme Court rulings this week, here is an equality inspired digital collage of a few of my greeting cards.

#LoveIsLove , as trended on Twitter yesterday :-D 

In art specific news, and on the topic of love, anyone in the L.A. Area should come to Monkeyhouse toys tomorrow afternoon and evening!  The Gallery and Kid's toy store is having a show called "Paper Trail," where everyone submitted works on paper. 

I (along with maaaany other artists, awesomely big show!) have a piece and am scheduled to vend there, and it will be a great place to see good art, and hang out with nice people.  Mayra and all the other Monkeyhouse artists are loving and awesome individuals, so anyone who likes pretty pictures and a fun, friendly event should come out.

The details are here:

Group Art Show

“Paper is a versatile material with many uses.”

Opening reception: Sat, June 29, 5pm-8pm

Show will run from June 29 - August 11

Artists: Adam Ansell, Alex Kirwan, Alyson Iwamoto, Amos,Angela Bennett, Asher McEvoy, Betso, Bill McEvoy, Billy Kheel, Billy Valdes, Blinky, Bob Motown, Brent Nolasco, Brian Ill, Bride One of Bride Campaign, Carol Powell, Cheri Ong, ChrisRWK, Cooper Kelly, Cori Keller, Daisuke Okamoto, Delphia, Donna Letterese, Douglas Alvarez, Downtimer, Elsy Mendez, Eric Brightwell, Frank Furlong, Frank Peak, Glenda Rolle, GMONIK, Gotham, Heatherlynn26, i4got, Iwarsumi Origami, Isabella McGrath, Jane Gotts, Jason Leung, Jeff Kelly, Jennifer Korsen, Jennifer Lewis, Jennifer Phiffer, Jesse Cordoza, Jessica Miranda, Joe Mackay, John Michael Gill, Jonathan Bueno, Jonathan Keiser, Jorge Ruano, Jose Lopes, Josh Taylor, Kayte Arnett, Kelly Thompson, Kim Bagwill, Kit Cameo, Leticia Lacey, Linda Tieu, Lisa Palmer, Lucy Kasofsky, Lou Pimentel, Marcos Yanagita, Mary Hoffman, Matt Adrian, Michael Reyes, Michael Thackson, Mildred, Misha, Modern Day Monster, Nancy Schier, Nataka Moya Moya, Natasha Kline, Nerd, Nick the Ring, Noel Ill, Norman Gray, Oscar Rosales, Pizzaface, Pork, Rosie One, Ryan Hungerford, Scom, Selina Phanara, Shawn Whisenant, Shellie Kvilvang, Silas McEvoy, Sissy, Slobl2b, Snow Mack, Soty Mae, Sprouts, Stephanie Unson, Steve Guerra, SuperSmashMax, Susanne Lewis, Terri Berman, Thom Glick, Tic-Money, Tom Oliver, Tony Federico, Vashte Johnson, Vera Paras, Weirdy, Yuki Miyazaki, and more....

Here's the event link (via FB so hopefully it works for anyone not on FB but who wants to see it):

And for everyone who wants to submit to, or see work on, Illustration Friday's theme of "Equality," the link is below:

Love and hugs to the world, and especially everyone who got good news in the past couple of days (-:

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