Monday, May 20, 2013

"Liquid" for "Illustration Friday"

I am about to turn into a Pumpkin.  Being as it's after midnight and all.  But before becoming a Halloween-esque thing of decor/edibility, here is a panel from a comic I am working on.

The theme this week is "liquid," and sad as they each can be, both tears and the rain are liquid.  So, the rain falling down upon Mr. Creepy (Real) Steampunk Koala looking from the outside in, in the window, is the liquid he is affected by.  The crying teddy bear (Plush) style Koala, is crying .  And sadly, tears are liquid, unless you have cried so much or so hard it's mostly sounds/breathing/and no water comes out.  Or, you are a teddy, and your crying process is different.  But here, it's pretty similar to humans as far as he's crying.

What will happen to the sad Koala, un-knowingly being creeped upon?  Shall he and his monacle come out the winner, or the Evil, Be-Spectacled (Be-Goggle-acled?) Koala?  The answer will come once the comic is done!  Hopefully, this lifetime!  I kid... mostly.

In any event  --  To submit to I.F., please go here:

Thanks for reading!  Sleep-ity, boppity, boo.   Or, something.

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