Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Candy (And Sweet!) For Creative Tuesdays

Hello everyone!  This week's "Creative Tuesdays" was much fun, and I made a greeting card for it.

For the theme of "Candy/Sweet," I depicted two girls (either a Big Sister and a Girl, or a Mom and a Girl) exploring a kind of Candy Land.  I looked at an Italian children's book I have, as well as some old Eastern European illustrations, for ideas style-wise.

One is picking from the Candy-Cane tree, the other is watching a butterfly sprout from the Peppermint tree, and there are also various Chocolate Bars, Lollies, Cookies, and/or other Sweets hidden around the image.  They've come across two animal friends who are also made of, or consuming, sugary sweetness.  And the card's border is adorned with Jelly-Beans, to top off the "Candy" part of the theme, specifically.

I'm still trying to decide on a caption to write into it, but it will likely be a pun or rhyme on the "You're so sweet" variety.

In any case, everyone should go on and submit to this very fun theme!  The link's below, and you have until June 4th to whip something up (an ice-cream, cool whip, or whipped cream pun is perhaps in there, or at least I am convincing myself it is since this theme has given me sweets on the brain!):

Thanks for reading, and hope you all are having a Sweet Week :-D

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sample page from the upcoming story I was assigned to Illustrate

Sneak Peek.  Still working very hard on this project.  The anthology seems that it's going to be a great one.  Super excited!

All writing is thus far not shown (As Gray Haven is going to digitally letter it), and as the image states, all writing credit goes to the writer, the art credit goes to myself, and the publishing credit goes to the publisher.

More of an update when the book is to be released.

Friday, May 24, 2013

"Tension" for "Illustration Friday"

For this week's "Illustration Friday" and the theme of "Tension," here is another comic panel sneak peek.

This panel is from a story I mentioned previously- the one I drew for an upcoming Anthology that is themed around "War" stories.  The story I illustrated is set in 1917 Petrograd.  Now Saint Petersburg, in 1917 Russia there were serious Bread Riots and a Revolution going on, in addition to WWI.

This panel depicts a little boy maneuvering through an angry crowd of rioters.  He's tiny, so squeezing between their legs.  I can't give away too much, but the other panels have a lot of fighting and fury going on.

So, I thought for this theme of "tension," showing a little boy who feels tense, terrified, and is trying not to be stepped on by the many angry grown-ups felt appropriate.

And now, for links!

Here's an article about Erica, who wrote this comic story that I illustrated:

Here's my previous post (via Creative Tuesdays) with a Sneak Peek to a different part of this story:

Here's a link to Grayhaven, the publisher involved in publishing the "War" and other anthologies:

And finally, here is the link to Illustration Friday, both to submit and see the work of others:

Thanks for reading.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Monday, May 20, 2013

"Liquid" for "Illustration Friday"

I am about to turn into a Pumpkin.  Being as it's after midnight and all.  But before becoming a Halloween-esque thing of decor/edibility, here is a panel from a comic I am working on.

The theme this week is "liquid," and sad as they each can be, both tears and the rain are liquid.  So, the rain falling down upon Mr. Creepy (Real) Steampunk Koala looking from the outside in, in the window, is the liquid he is affected by.  The crying teddy bear (Plush) style Koala, is crying .  And sadly, tears are liquid, unless you have cried so much or so hard it's mostly sounds/breathing/and no water comes out.  Or, you are a teddy, and your crying process is different.  But here, it's pretty similar to humans as far as he's crying.

What will happen to the sad Koala, un-knowingly being creeped upon?  Shall he and his monacle come out the winner, or the Evil, Be-Spectacled (Be-Goggle-acled?) Koala?  The answer will come once the comic is done!  Hopefully, this lifetime!  I kid... mostly.

In any event  --  To submit to I.F., please go here:

Thanks for reading!  Sleep-ity, boppity, boo.   Or, something.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Trio" for Creative Tuesdays

Missed last week's C.T., boo!  But happy to back for this week's entry for the theme of "Trio!"

I have been MIA, in life and in blogging, with assignments.  But happily, I just finished one task (drawing a comic story), and part of it coincided with the theme of three.  So, here is a sneak peek!

I cannot say too much so as not to spoil (and the as yet un-digitally-lettered bubbles are helping me not spoil), but here are two panel peeks from a story I drew for an upcoming Anthology.  The theme of the book is "War," and the story I was assigned to draw centers on Russia's internal struggles during WWI.  Specifically, the 1917 Petrograd (now Saint Petersburg) Bread Riots/Revolution.

One of the main characters is a young adult, pictured in the white coat above.  In this scene, a trio of friends have gathered to discuss their problems and upcoming strategies.  I won't say more, but it was a very fun and educational comic to draw (lots of research on the history, costuming, and buildings of Old Russia!), and I was happy that working on it coincided with the C.T. theme.

And now, for links!

Here's an article on the very cool girl, Erica, who wrote the aforementioned story about Russia:

Here's a link to the publisher involved in publishing the "War" and other anthologies:

Most importantly, here is the link to submit to C.T.!  Follow the site rules; you have until the stated time on May 21st to submit something for the "Trio" theme:

Thanks for reading, and sending everyone good wishes thrice over :-D