Friday, April 12, 2013

"Wild," for Illustration Friday

This week's "Illustration Friday" is themed "Wild," so I'm showing the "wild" sketch I came up with at the Casey's Irish Pub Drink and Draw, last night, in DTLA! Very nice meetup, and I hope to go there again soon. 

"Wild" here both means creature who is not domesticated, as well as"wild and crazy."


Because, if you were a girl with a random marsupial springing out of your head, would you not look a bit more concerned about that fact?  If all you would muster was an unimpressed side-eye, that lack of a response would be"wild and crazy," would it not?

This bottom version is exactly the same, except I liked how the red border of my sketchbook looked scanned, but couldn't decide if I liked it better with or without, so both are being included.  Also, if anyone reads this and knows whether that creature is a Sugar Glider or something else, please inform my clueless self.

Super exhausted, so going to sign off now before it gets incoherent.  To submit for this I.F. theme you have a full week, and you can go here to do so:

Thank you, and G'night.

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