Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Striped," for Creative Tuesdays

So, in the spirit of C.T., as well as getting back into old projects (which I have been doing non-stop, seemingly unable to finish, Sisiphys-style of late), and a certain 3-D movie I just saw, I decided to draw a comic character who has popped up on my blog a few times.   By the way, this is a late-night and tired blog, so please forgive if I am incoherent with sleepiness.

In keeping with the "Striped" theme, the background is striped.  She is also wearing a striped scarf, with glasses.  And, she is waving around a dress she fancies, colored in with brown-zebra-y stripes... possibly, without, A) thought of how as a T-Rex such as herself is going to be able to maneuver it with her famously tiny forearms, to get it it over her head, and, B) no thoughts of if that dress is her size.  

Unless she just wants to add to her scarf collection, in which case she should be slightly more in luck.

A quick recap on my character.  She is a Dino (a T-Rex, to be exact), nicknamed "Dya," and I created her quite some time ago.  Usually I draw her to the front or facing with her head to the right, so I reversed it for this challenge.

She begun to return to my stories last year on the front of a sketchbook I made, and as I am finishing up the first installment of a comic series she's in (in the second installment), she is-- theoretically-- that much closer to being in her own comic series.  By profession, she is an actress.  She lives in present-day, lumbering about amongst the rest of us.  She talks, and is anthropomorphic, so on.  Extinction, luckily, not a problem when you're writing fiction.  

In any case, Dya by personality is sweet, but somewhat histrionic, which can be a problem with her Dino size.  So, here's hoping that her shopping spree won't end in any damage to the dress aisle-- especially if she gets frustrated.  The Internet loves to suggest, in many a meme, that T-Rexes are easily frustrated and thwarted in certain goals, on account of their bodily structure.

This next part will come as no surprise, given the drawing here of dinos.  For any "Jurassic Park" fans, the original 1993 film was just released recently in 3-D, in the theaters, and I loved it as a kid.  I had to go back, to re-live it, but also to see the magnificence of the T-Rex, again.  My character is inspired by the J.P. T-Rex, so it was a very fun and very needed movie trip.

In any event, my last comment to describe my "Striped" entry-- I thought it would be fun if my character wanted to go shopping.  "Striped" made me think of fashion, and patterns.  Hence my having the T-Rex explore her fashionista side.  And, as I have friends with a great shop (which had a storefront and is now online), I drew in a little shout-out to them in the comic caption.  That is the name of their store!  And while I can't speak for the therapod community, I can vouch as a human who has shopped with them and own things  that came from their store, that they're very sweet, and carry great clothes!

So now, for some links!

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And, here's a link to the lovely aforementioned Vintage Store!  Enid and Edgar is a great (now virtual) space, which is also sure to at some point carry "striped" patterns.

And if you enjoy "Jurassic Park," Dinosaurs, silliness, or any of the above  --  then please... enjoy this link.

While Velociraptors would certainly add something unexpected to the vocals "Glee," the T-Rex photobombing the poster for "The Notebook" probably gave me the most joy.

Thanks for reading, and, RAWR.  Have a good night!


Christine said...

ooh he looks scary! Very nice interpretation!

Teri Casper said...

Very fun composition!

linda (dots n doodles) said...

She is certainly quite a character. Love your rendition of this dino and also the bio about her.

Anne Manda said...

Awesome!! I' m getting sort of 80's vibe, fun and love the colors,

Milo Magno said...

Yay for Dya's return!!

Alexandra said...

This is great, Donna. What a fun piece with stripes incorporated in just the right spots! :)

TwinkleToes2day said...

Visiting from Creative Tuesdays - I think this is Very original!! :0) Mo

lissa said...

I say go with the brown-zebra-y stripes dress, why not?

what a fun take on CT. have a sweet day.

janice smith said...

Love your fashionista T-Rex. This is a great piece and i love your commentary. Happy to visit from Creative Tuesdays!

MMm.. said...

Donna, I so enjoy reading your entries as well as seeing your actual art submission too! Lol, she's histrionic indeed and something tells me, poor thing, that dress is not going to fit!

Anyway, great piece. Love how you drew Dya's skin and good incorporation of stripes, even using a scarf. Like Alexandra's too. Fun!