Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Newborn" for Creative Tuesdays

Haven't been able to blog for C.T., or at all, as I was out of the country (must show blogs and drawings and such on that, but not yet), and then been out of town, and all matters of craziness.  But yesterday and today, I finally got together my sketch for "Creative Tuesdays" and the blog theme of "Newborn."

In 2010 and 2013 I attended this amazing event called the "Bulldog Beauty Parade," where I took a million inspiring pictures of cute, wrinkly awesomeness.  The Mom Dog to the left is inspired from a real life dog I saw at the 2010 parade, and her little Newborn Pup is inspired by, well, Google Image Search.

I believe my newborn puppy might be a tad too big and awake looking to be a newborn in terms of it being the actual day the pup was born, but she is small enough to at least be in her first week of life, so, I believe she is young enough to still qualify.  In any event, I also included a little text blurb which is of a phrase often said to those with a new human or animal baby, complete with some stork-iness thrown in.

There are still about four hours to submit today, so if you're interested go to "Creative Tuesdays" over yonder to submit!

Thanks for reading, and hope everyone has had a great day.


Wanda said...

Nothing could be cuter than a puppy. Your drawing is so cute!

Alicia C said...

these are so sweet! bulldogs are adorable in & of themselves, puppies even more!

Christine said...

This is so cute Donna!

Alexandra said...

OMG - this is adorable. I LOVE LOVE the little "ruff", too. hee hee Well done. :)

MMm.. said...

Perfect, Donna, just perfect! :) I did have to laugh at your "cute, wrinkly awesomeness" line--awesome in itself--as is the drawing. I so loved the little stork on the top too. Carry a lil pup, no less. hee.

Yes, I was thinking anywhere from a brand new newborn to one just a few weeks old, so all's good there too. :)

Hope your trip went well. Will look forward looking back over your posts if you post anything on that. Thanks for making it in time and even finding the time to work on something. I was going to miss your entry but then was delighted yesterday to see you name up on the sign in.

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Beautiful drawing and so cute! I love all the detail in the wording.