Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Inspiration Avenue: High Heels

Hello All!  I haven't posted to I.A. in ages, but I miss the group and hope it is okay to belatedly return.  I got swamped last summer with a project, and then the Fall onward was crazed, all the way up into 2013.

But it's a lovely group to partake in, and I miss the funny posts and beautiful illustrations I would always see from everyone, so here I am drifting back.

In any case, I quite liked the "high heels" theme, and thought to contribute to it in a silly way, with a partly hand-drawn/partly digital submission.

As I've been working more and more with my above character, Dya the Dinosaur, I thought it might be silly and amusing to try and incorporate her into this challenge.  So, here is a drawing of her wearing heels, meant to look like a vintage ad.  The theme of this challenge--high heels--are in her case, not stiletto heels, but clunky, semi-bulky and a bit strange.  Then again, strange must be the name of the game, as designing footwear for T-Rexes is no small feat.  Or, feet.  Yay for puns!

And finally, here are some links!

Most importantly, here is where you go for Inspiration Avenue.  It's the link to submit for this week's challenge, which has to be submitted by noon on May 4th.

Blog entry for I.F. on the theme of "Train" featuring Dya (winning an Oscar; as she is an actress in my comic, and feels she has "trained" extensively): http://craftydvl.blogspot.com/2013/04/illustration-friday-train.html

Blog entry for C.T. on the theme of "Stripes, featuring Fashionable Dya dress shopping:

Thanks for reading!  Well wishes to all.

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poppylocke said...

Dya's really cool.. I admire her fashionable yet practical style of footwear :)