Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Illustration Friday: Train

In order to be an actress, often, one must "train."  Sometimes, that involves being trained in how to do stunts, how to do method acting, how to do the Meisner technique, and a whole lot of other theatre and film things.  Below, for the second time this week, I'm featuring my actress character (Dya the T-Rex), who "trained" very hard for the franchise she starred in.

She was robbed of her Oscar, but-- she works hard, and she trained hard, and thus-- the above photo is something she has dreamt of, many a time.  Having the award, actually being able to hold it (no small feat for this type of Dino), and crying reptilian tears of joy.

Quick phone photo of the drawing, but I wanted to submit this for "I.F." while I had a moment.  Super swamped with work, but Dya is part of my overall works so I suppose this counts.

In any event, please go to: by this coming Friday to submit for the theme of "Train."  Thanks for reading, all!  Peace, and Good night.


I do have one more thing to say.


...That is all.

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