Friday, March 1, 2013

"Talent," for Illustration Friday

I've been doing a series called "Faces," which are portraits of people with various cartoons, stories, and other imagery hidden in the hair.  Some are made up characters, and others are based off of the faces of real people.

Given that one face I created is of one of my favorite popular culture stars/singers-- who is super talented, has a fantastic voice whether she goes A-Capella/uses the piano/electronicizes it, and who is a tremendous creator and peformer, doing things that are fun and outrageous-- I thought it would be fun to submit her for this theme of "talent!"

Anyone want to guess who it is?  

I'll spoil it: it's Lady Gaga.  Her signature dress lightning bolt and telephone hat were my favorite things to put in her costume of this "Faces" version of her.  

Characters in her videos, and other homages to her/her work are hidden throughout her hair.  Check it out, and see what you can find.

To submit to this week's I.F. theme of "Talent," please go to:

To see other portraits I've done in the "Faces" series (as well as spot illustrations, shown below those), please go to:

And Miss Gaga's Twitter handle is @LadyGaga, which I mention since she recently got very hurt, and sending her love/support/quick recovery wishes is a kind thing to do.  Some people may love her music (like myself), and some may not at all-- but having an injury which prevents you from doing your art or delays it is no fun, and thus, I think hugs and good vibes should be sent her way.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Friday!

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