Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Pie" for #DailyDoodlers

Haven't had time to update, so am behind on the Daily Doodlers challenge!  Currently super tired and jet-lagged-- had an amazing time being abroad, as I just got back from my first ever trip to Italy late last night.

Bologna to California isn't even directly possible, so I had to go from Bologna to Munich, Germany (which is beautiful, from the forest I could briefly see out the window while landing!), and then right from Munich to LAX. Thirteen hours of flight-y fun! :-p

Anyway, the food  in Italy is wonderful, and Napoli especially makes great pastries, so coming up with the below greeting card for the "Pie" theme wasn't hard after all the Italian inspiration I had.  Here are two girls baking cookies and a pie!  One rolls the crust, while the other is mischievous:

This card is also a good representation of what it's like when one of my best friends (who I visited in Italy) and I cook together.  He concentrates very hard on the task at hand, and I'm totally that person who sneaks a bite before she should.  So, in this illo, my spirit animal is the left hand girl, while his is the right hand one.

So yes, I went to Italy to visit one of my best friends for about ten days, and I don't have words to describe how beautiful and amazing a country it was.   I had the chance to do some sketches, and am busy on comics (a.k.a. "fumetti") things right now, so I hope to post all that and photos when I can.  Anyway, I myself am part Italian on my Dad's side.  And it's the part of my background/family I'm closest to.  So, visiting the homeland (and even getting to go to the town my surname comes from) was something I've always wanted to do, and am grateful I had the chance to finally follow through with it.

Anyhoo, tl;dr!  The above doesn't have to do directly with drawing, so without further ado, I'll include the Doodlers links below as per before:

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Grazie mile for reading, and Buonasera!

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