Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Mushrooms and Toadstools" for "Sunday Postcard Art"

Hi everyone!  I am very happy to have found Sunday Postcard Art, so, I am posting again for this weeks' challenge :-D "Silhouettes" was really cool and I am still going through and admiring everyone's beautiful entries!  This challenge is also sure to produce a lot of really beautiful submissions.

I just recently finished a piece for a gallery show (which featured fictional mushrooms), so I took a clip of that and digitally added other mushrooms from a previous piece of mine for this "Sunday Postcard Art" challenge.  As I said, the first piece did technically have mushrooms... but they were not the kind you automatically think of when in your garden ;-)

My postcard for the challenge can be seen below-- any fans of Gameboy, Nintendo, Video Games, and Princess Peach, Yoshi, or the Ghost, will recognize some of the characters below.

The first set of mushrooms that were already in the piece were the Mario Bros. style mushrooms framing the princess.  For the challenge, I also added some more normal mushrooms in digitally.  Those are from another piece of mine, called "The Fur Tree."

The main focus of that piece is of little creatures playing in and around a tree, but, there are a couple of snails and caterpillars in two tiny sets of mushrooms towards the bottom of that piece-- so, I thought I'd give them their due/give them more of a starring role by having them frame this postcard piece.  They're more of a soft, salmon pink in the original.  So, I decided to digitally up the contrast on everything to make the many pink and blue mushrooms (as well as everything else) pop dramatically.

The original piece this postcard was cropped and edited from, is called "Snow Peach and the Seven 'Shrooms."  It was done for an art opening that just happened last night at L.A. Comic Book Store/Gallery, Meltdown Comics.

The show's theme was "8-Bit-Lit," meaning, combining old-school video games with literary works.  Mine was a combination of Princess Peach (from Mario Bros.) and "Snow White."  In addition to my submission for "Sunday Postcard Art," I've included the original, full-piece below for reference.  This one has only digital mushrooms, but it also has the game's stars/a bunch of other Mario characters/patterning and framing that was meant to hint at a video-gamey version of Art-Noveau.

Creating the piece was a lot of fun, and it will be up at Meltdown Comics until later this month!  So, if anyone reading this happens to be in or near the L.A. area, likes video games and/or literature, and enjoys mashups, come on by and see it.  "8-Bit Lit" is a fun show with a lot of creative combinations, and I recommend a visit.

So, thank you everyone for reading, and sending good wishes to all!  Below is the link for "Toadstools/Mushrooms," which can be submitted to up until next Saturday March Ninth.

The overall link and site to Meltdown Comics is here:

Here's the specific info and artist's list on the 8-Bit Lit exhibition, from the Things to Do in L.A. website:

And finally, below is the link to the color works section of my website:

The first picture in the queue is the original "The Fur Tree" piece, which my postcard submission's normal mushrooms were lifted from.

Happy Sunday!

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