Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 2013 Daily Doodle Challenge: "Cat" for March 5th

Good morning, all!  I discovered a new sketch challenge, called the March 2013 "Daily Doodle Challenge" (Courtesy of Twitter via @DaniDraws) and I am very excited about the first theme: "Cat!"  
I plan on doing a combination of sketches, greeting cards, and maybe comic panels for this challenge, so, today's submission is a card.  Yay for thematic motivation to spice up things you need to do!

As you can see, this card features not only a cat, but his trusty human.  BELLY RUB! 

Being close friends with a friend's thirty pound kitty, and loving their huge fluffy magnificence, made creating this big fluffy especially fun.

If you'd like to participate in the challenge, please go here!  This Tumblr post shows what date has what theme:

For more from the artist and composer of this theme herself, please check out her Twitter!

And since this is a challenge that began in the "Twitterverse," I'll link to my own too:

Thanks for reading!

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William Turner said...

The trusty human seems most preoccupied!