Friday, March 8, 2013

"Disney" for @DaniDraws #DailyDoodlers Challenge

March eighth, midnight.  I'm a pumpkin!  Just kidding, but I did get together my next #DailyDoodlers sketch, which is themed "Disney."

Well, this is more new/CGI than traditional Disney.  It's also technically from the Disney/Pixar Universe.  I love old hand-drawn stuff, and I love new Pixar works.  So, this sketch combines both!  It's a tribute to the fabulous Roz from "Monster's Inc.," but done in an old fashioned/pen and inky drawing.

As always, she is not impressed.  Her side-eye is epic.  And she won't even deign to look at that pesky paperwork.

Now for some links!

If you'd like to participate in the challenge, here's the info:

For more from the artist and composer of this theme herself, please go to Danni Jones's Twitter!

And here is my Twitter:

Yay for Disney themed challenges (-:

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