Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Daily Doodlers Challenge, "Last Book You Read"

For the @DaniDraws #DailyDoodlers challenge today, the theme is "The Last Book You Read."

As that was "Cursed Pirate Girl," which is a fantasy-- super inky, and lovely, and full of exquisite detail-- I made a card that depicts kids reading a book which pulls them into its fantasy-- just as "Pirate Girl" did to me when I read it.

So, this card is more a thematic homage than a drawing of any of the "Pirate Girl" characters.  Instead of nautical adventures, this little girl is having adventures in Turtle and Fairy-land.  Her little friends seem bemused-- perhaps the human boy more, as the turtle is beginning to wince under their weight.

So, here are some links, without further ado:

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If you'd like to participate in the challenge, here's the info:
Daily Doodler Instructions

For more from the artist and composer of this theme herself, please go to Danni Jones's Twitter!@DaniDraws

And here is my Twitter:

Happy Wednesday, Everyone.

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