Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Captain," for DailyDoodlers March 2013

Hi everyone!  Well, it's technically March Seventh.  So, before trying (and failing) at this whole "Getting any rest with an annoying cold thing," I knocked out a sketch for today's theme of today's #DailyDoodlers, @DaniDraws prompted theme of "Captain."

I used a Pitt Brush Pen, a Copic Marker, and a Sakura Black Pen.

I realize many people are probably going to go the nautical route with this one-- so, even though my hues are blue/coolers, they will not be those of a ship captain.  The girl in my picture is the caption of her sports team!

Yes, she is a Cheer Captain-- and yes, I do consider it a sport :-p  Very few people who know me as an adult know (or believe) that this was my main sport in high school, but it was!  I definitely was not the prototypical cheerleader, given I was often called "Team Daria."  In fact, many girls on the team I was friendly with were all about theatre/dance (our school had a program for that, during and after school), and doing extracurricular/working hard for A's. 

Perhaps my character for this #DailyDoodlers challenge is such a girl, as she's Captain (apologies for the iffy qualities of these phone photos, but it says it on top of her uniform shell), working hard to do a difficult jump (it is called a toe-touch), and smiling in the face of it all.  

Below are some more snapshots/different photo angles of Miss Captain.

(Toe-touches are super fun, and they were my favorite jump to do-- whether while cheerleading or dancing!  Sometimes, but not often, being double-jointed/hypermobile has its advantages.)

I've only discovered since living in California, but, apparently some schools have a Dance Team and a Cheer Team, wherein the latter mostly cheers, without very much dancing, gymnastics, or stunt-performing.  Perhaps that's why some naysayers poo-poo it as a sport-- but given that I performed at a school with no Dance Team, and at a Cheer Team which was very hip-hop/dance routine heavy, and also stunt/gymnastics/jumping heavy, I definitely can vouch for Cheer Teams where you are tumbling and dancing your butt off.  It's fun, it's athletic, and it is grueling. 

So, enough of that.  "Captain" was a fun theme, and I'm excited about the next word in the sketch challenge! As before, here are some links:

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