Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Pie" for #DailyDoodlers

Haven't had time to update, so am behind on the Daily Doodlers challenge!  Currently super tired and jet-lagged-- had an amazing time being abroad, as I just got back from my first ever trip to Italy late last night.

Bologna to California isn't even directly possible, so I had to go from Bologna to Munich, Germany (which is beautiful, from the forest I could briefly see out the window while landing!), and then right from Munich to LAX. Thirteen hours of flight-y fun! :-p

Anyway, the food  in Italy is wonderful, and Napoli especially makes great pastries, so coming up with the below greeting card for the "Pie" theme wasn't hard after all the Italian inspiration I had.  Here are two girls baking cookies and a pie!  One rolls the crust, while the other is mischievous:

This card is also a good representation of what it's like when one of my best friends (who I visited in Italy) and I cook together.  He concentrates very hard on the task at hand, and I'm totally that person who sneaks a bite before she should.  So, in this illo, my spirit animal is the left hand girl, while his is the right hand one.

So yes, I went to Italy to visit one of my best friends for about ten days, and I don't have words to describe how beautiful and amazing a country it was.   I had the chance to do some sketches, and am busy on comics (a.k.a. "fumetti") things right now, so I hope to post all that and photos when I can.  Anyway, I myself am part Italian on my Dad's side.  And it's the part of my background/family I'm closest to.  So, visiting the homeland (and even getting to go to the town my surname comes from) was something I've always wanted to do, and am grateful I had the chance to finally follow through with it.

Anyhoo, tl;dr!  The above doesn't have to do directly with drawing, so without further ado, I'll include the Doodlers links below as per before:

If you want to participate in the challenge for the rest of this week, here's the info:
Daily Doodler Instructions

For more from the artist and lady behind these themes gerself, please go to Danni Jones's Twitter!@DaniDraws

If you are so inclined, please go to my Twitter:

Grazie mile for reading, and Buonasera!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Daily Doodlers Challenge, "Last Book You Read"

For the @DaniDraws #DailyDoodlers challenge today, the theme is "The Last Book You Read."

As that was "Cursed Pirate Girl," which is a fantasy-- super inky, and lovely, and full of exquisite detail-- I made a card that depicts kids reading a book which pulls them into its fantasy-- just as "Pirate Girl" did to me when I read it.

So, this card is more a thematic homage than a drawing of any of the "Pirate Girl" characters.  Instead of nautical adventures, this little girl is having adventures in Turtle and Fairy-land.  Her little friends seem bemused-- perhaps the human boy more, as the turtle is beginning to wince under their weight.

So, here are some links, without further ado:

To see more on the aforementioned amazing graphic novel, go here:
Jeremy Bastian's Cursed Pirate Girl

For other cards like this one at my site, please go here:
Miscellaneous Greeting Cards

If you'd like to participate in the challenge, here's the info:
Daily Doodler Instructions

For more from the artist and composer of this theme herself, please go to Danni Jones's Twitter!@DaniDraws

And here is my Twitter:

Happy Wednesday, Everyone.

Friday, March 8, 2013

"Yesterday" for Illustration Friday

Things from a bygone era, which some would call "yesterday:" Fifties Car Culture, Bob's Big Boy 
(although that's still around), Hot-Rods, and Waitresses on Roller Skates.

Those are all things in my pen and ink piece "Pin Up or Shut Up," which is my submission for this week's I.F.  And, that I'm posting in time for Friday Night's Twitter theme of #FridayNightArtDorks.

Sold the original at February's A.C.E. event, but the prints are still around!  They'll next be around for MoCCA (ZOMG, so much to prepaaaaare).

Got to head off, but here are some links!

The aforementioned A.C.E. event, both a link to the event itself and the last event's photos:
 All about the Anaheim Art Crawl Experience (A.C.E.) Quarterly Event!

Anaheim February A.C.E. Photos!

The link to submit to Illustration Friday:
Illustration Friday

The link to more B/W stuff on my site:
Draw DVL dot com Black and White Illos

The link to the Artist/Exhibitor List for MoCCA (w00t!)
MoCCA Fest Exhibitors

And the FABULOUS poster, which just came out today!
MoCCA Poster

That is all, and good night.

"Disney" for @DaniDraws #DailyDoodlers Challenge

March eighth, midnight.  I'm a pumpkin!  Just kidding, but I did get together my next #DailyDoodlers sketch, which is themed "Disney."

Well, this is more new/CGI than traditional Disney.  It's also technically from the Disney/Pixar Universe.  I love old hand-drawn stuff, and I love new Pixar works.  So, this sketch combines both!  It's a tribute to the fabulous Roz from "Monster's Inc.," but done in an old fashioned/pen and inky drawing.

As always, she is not impressed.  Her side-eye is epic.  And she won't even deign to look at that pesky paperwork.

Now for some links!

If you'd like to participate in the challenge, here's the info:

For more from the artist and composer of this theme herself, please go to Danni Jones's Twitter!

And here is my Twitter:

Yay for Disney themed challenges (-:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Captain," for DailyDoodlers March 2013

Hi everyone!  Well, it's technically March Seventh.  So, before trying (and failing) at this whole "Getting any rest with an annoying cold thing," I knocked out a sketch for today's theme of today's #DailyDoodlers, @DaniDraws prompted theme of "Captain."

I used a Pitt Brush Pen, a Copic Marker, and a Sakura Black Pen.

I realize many people are probably going to go the nautical route with this one-- so, even though my hues are blue/coolers, they will not be those of a ship captain.  The girl in my picture is the caption of her sports team!

Yes, she is a Cheer Captain-- and yes, I do consider it a sport :-p  Very few people who know me as an adult know (or believe) that this was my main sport in high school, but it was!  I definitely was not the prototypical cheerleader, given I was often called "Team Daria."  In fact, many girls on the team I was friendly with were all about theatre/dance (our school had a program for that, during and after school), and doing extracurricular/working hard for A's. 

Perhaps my character for this #DailyDoodlers challenge is such a girl, as she's Captain (apologies for the iffy qualities of these phone photos, but it says it on top of her uniform shell), working hard to do a difficult jump (it is called a toe-touch), and smiling in the face of it all.  

Below are some more snapshots/different photo angles of Miss Captain.

(Toe-touches are super fun, and they were my favorite jump to do-- whether while cheerleading or dancing!  Sometimes, but not often, being double-jointed/hypermobile has its advantages.)

I've only discovered since living in California, but, apparently some schools have a Dance Team and a Cheer Team, wherein the latter mostly cheers, without very much dancing, gymnastics, or stunt-performing.  Perhaps that's why some naysayers poo-poo it as a sport-- but given that I performed at a school with no Dance Team, and at a Cheer Team which was very hip-hop/dance routine heavy, and also stunt/gymnastics/jumping heavy, I definitely can vouch for Cheer Teams where you are tumbling and dancing your butt off.  It's fun, it's athletic, and it is grueling. 

So, enough of that.  "Captain" was a fun theme, and I'm excited about the next word in the sketch challenge! As before, here are some links:

If you'd like to do this challenge, please go here!  This Tumblr post shows all days/dates/themes:

For more on Dani Jones, please check out her Twitter!

And here is my own Twitter as well:

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 2013 Daily Doodle Challenge: "Cat" for March 5th

Good morning, all!  I discovered a new sketch challenge, called the March 2013 "Daily Doodle Challenge" (Courtesy of Twitter via @DaniDraws) and I am very excited about the first theme: "Cat!"  
I plan on doing a combination of sketches, greeting cards, and maybe comic panels for this challenge, so, today's submission is a card.  Yay for thematic motivation to spice up things you need to do!

As you can see, this card features not only a cat, but his trusty human.  BELLY RUB! 

Being close friends with a friend's thirty pound kitty, and loving their huge fluffy magnificence, made creating this big fluffy especially fun.

If you'd like to participate in the challenge, please go here!  This Tumblr post shows what date has what theme:

For more from the artist and composer of this theme herself, please check out her Twitter!

And since this is a challenge that began in the "Twitterverse," I'll link to my own too:

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Mushrooms and Toadstools" for "Sunday Postcard Art"

Hi everyone!  I am very happy to have found Sunday Postcard Art, so, I am posting again for this weeks' challenge :-D "Silhouettes" was really cool and I am still going through and admiring everyone's beautiful entries!  This challenge is also sure to produce a lot of really beautiful submissions.

I just recently finished a piece for a gallery show (which featured fictional mushrooms), so I took a clip of that and digitally added other mushrooms from a previous piece of mine for this "Sunday Postcard Art" challenge.  As I said, the first piece did technically have mushrooms... but they were not the kind you automatically think of when in your garden ;-)

My postcard for the challenge can be seen below-- any fans of Gameboy, Nintendo, Video Games, and Princess Peach, Yoshi, or the Ghost, will recognize some of the characters below.

The first set of mushrooms that were already in the piece were the Mario Bros. style mushrooms framing the princess.  For the challenge, I also added some more normal mushrooms in digitally.  Those are from another piece of mine, called "The Fur Tree."

The main focus of that piece is of little creatures playing in and around a tree, but, there are a couple of snails and caterpillars in two tiny sets of mushrooms towards the bottom of that piece-- so, I thought I'd give them their due/give them more of a starring role by having them frame this postcard piece.  They're more of a soft, salmon pink in the original.  So, I decided to digitally up the contrast on everything to make the many pink and blue mushrooms (as well as everything else) pop dramatically.

The original piece this postcard was cropped and edited from, is called "Snow Peach and the Seven 'Shrooms."  It was done for an art opening that just happened last night at L.A. Comic Book Store/Gallery, Meltdown Comics.

The show's theme was "8-Bit-Lit," meaning, combining old-school video games with literary works.  Mine was a combination of Princess Peach (from Mario Bros.) and "Snow White."  In addition to my submission for "Sunday Postcard Art," I've included the original, full-piece below for reference.  This one has only digital mushrooms, but it also has the game's stars/a bunch of other Mario characters/patterning and framing that was meant to hint at a video-gamey version of Art-Noveau.

Creating the piece was a lot of fun, and it will be up at Meltdown Comics until later this month!  So, if anyone reading this happens to be in or near the L.A. area, likes video games and/or literature, and enjoys mashups, come on by and see it.  "8-Bit Lit" is a fun show with a lot of creative combinations, and I recommend a visit.

So, thank you everyone for reading, and sending good wishes to all!  Below is the link for "Toadstools/Mushrooms," which can be submitted to up until next Saturday March Ninth.


The overall link and site to Meltdown Comics is here:

Here's the specific info and artist's list on the 8-Bit Lit exhibition, from the Things to Do in L.A. website:

And finally, below is the link to the color works section of my website:

The first picture in the queue is the original "The Fur Tree" piece, which my postcard submission's normal mushrooms were lifted from.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, March 1, 2013

"Talent," for Illustration Friday

I've been doing a series called "Faces," which are portraits of people with various cartoons, stories, and other imagery hidden in the hair.  Some are made up characters, and others are based off of the faces of real people.

Given that one face I created is of one of my favorite popular culture stars/singers-- who is super talented, has a fantastic voice whether she goes A-Capella/uses the piano/electronicizes it, and who is a tremendous creator and peformer, doing things that are fun and outrageous-- I thought it would be fun to submit her for this theme of "talent!"

Anyone want to guess who it is?  

I'll spoil it: it's Lady Gaga.  Her signature dress lightning bolt and telephone hat were my favorite things to put in her costume of this "Faces" version of her.  

Characters in her videos, and other homages to her/her work are hidden throughout her hair.  Check it out, and see what you can find.

To submit to this week's I.F. theme of "Talent," please go to:

To see other portraits I've done in the "Faces" series (as well as spot illustrations, shown below those), please go to:

And Miss Gaga's Twitter handle is @LadyGaga, which I mention since she recently got very hurt, and sending her love/support/quick recovery wishes is a kind thing to do.  Some people may love her music (like myself), and some may not at all-- but having an injury which prevents you from doing your art or delays it is no fun, and thus, I think hugs and good vibes should be sent her way.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Friday!