Friday, February 15, 2013

"Wool" For Illustration Friday (As well as talk of Flyers and L.A.'s Dum Dum Zine!)

A proper blog recap with words and images?  Say it isn't so!  Well, it's Friday Friday (remember that 2011 tune?), and up early, I am trying to start the day off productively and right.  So, here's an I.F. post with some musings.

For this theme of "wool," I'm submitting an ink drawing of a punk and a scholar.  Who is who?  Well, each character is a bit of Column A and a bit of Column B.  And the "wool" comes into play with the punk/scholar on the left, who is wearing a tweed wool coat.  (To be fair, the White Rabbit's coat seems wool most of the time, but here he's wearing leather-- along with other punky changes to his attire).

I made this image for a flyer contest sposored by a very cool publication, entitled Dum Dum Zine!  They are an alt-lit magazine online, in print, and sometimes even in audio.  Below is the image of my entire flyer.

Below is a link to Dum Dum Zine's site, showcasing my flyer, as well as two other awesome flyers.  The point of each of them was to advertise the Dum Dum Zine Issue 3 Release party-- where the issue theme was Punks and Scholars-- and I think between fancy well dressed kitties, punk-girl (Alice) and the White Rabbit, and the epic illustration of girls having the dialogue, ""You don't give a Rhodes scholar a lobotomy!," everyone had a fun interpretation of the theme.

And while we are on links, here is the link to Illustration Friday if you want to submit between today and next week for the theme of "wool!"

Now back to Dum Dum!

I had the pleasure of meeting the publishers at the L.A. Art Book Fair, where I picked up their inaugural zine about cities.  I enjoyed all of the pieces, but particularly enjoyed two: first, the story by Liska Jacobs titled, "A Conversation Between a Man and a Woman at Peet's Coffee and Tea."  

It's a conversation I believe I have heard before-- in fact, I know I've been in that same situation (people-watching, and observing a very uncomfortable dynamic between a couple), and Dum Dum Zine's author Jacobs captures this perfectly:

"Who are these people?
Am I one of them?
The sun is warm on my shoulders; my iced tea is cold... He looks like a predator. He looks like every father who leaves a wife and gets a tan. He has a sharpish look to him, ratty. I don’t like it.
I want to tell him to run, too. She doesn’t know any better. She’s afraid to be alone. She tricks him even now... shakes her head, creases her brow, pretends to have unassailable morals."

Read Liska's entire piece here:
 I also really enjoyed writer and publisher Taleen Kalenderian's piece, "How To Leave Cities."  Having lived on either side of this nation, as well as briefly overseas for college, I know all too well the lure of wanting to escape to and from places, and how there is no miracle fix for everything.  As Taleen well puts it, on how to leave a city:
"First things first, be: (a) homesick,
(b) dissatisfied,
(c) desperate,
(d) unemployed,
(e) all of the above.

Decide, whether or not this is actually true, that your set of friends, family, peers, and opportunities in a shin new city will fix this ugly assortment of problems/state of being/identity crisis."
 Read the rest of Taleen's piece here-- it's beautiful, and I personally related to it-- I think anyone who's ever moved, near or far, will as well.

Two weekends ago was the LABF, where I met the Dum Dum peeps.  This past weekend on Saturday was Long Beach's BULLDOG BEAUTY PARADE (Caps all mine; I am insane for wrinkled furry friends) in the morning, and then the Anaheim Art Crawl Experience (ACE) in the eve.  It was lots of fun-- so many great things happening in February!  This weekend I'm excited for the L.A. Zine Fest.  
So, to show my appreciation and gratitude for all these artsy and indie-publishing-y things... as well as my love of BULLDOG BEAUTY... and, to return to the original I.F. theme of wool-- I close this entry with a photo of myself (clad in a wool sweater), hugging a friend I made last Saturday at the parade named Bubba.

On that note, signing off, and hope everyone has a creative and productive day today, as well as weekend upcoming!  Thanks for reading.

P.S.  For no good reason at all this is on both Blogspot and Tumblr, so here is a link to that in case anyone prefers T to B:

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