Friday, February 22, 2013

"Whisper" for Illustration Friday

Valentine's Day has come and gone, but here is a romantic card I made for the occasion and had for sale at the Anaheim A.C.E. (Art Crawl Experience!), which is a quarterly art event down in the O.C.  More info at the end of this blog entry.

As far as I.F. goes, the scene shown is a romantic and playful "whisper," from a girl telling her guy a secret.  The throes of puppy love.  Or is it "beary" young love, given the teddies?

I love teddy bears and puppies, so I can't decide which to choose.  So.  I'll just hope these two characters are having a "beary" "doggone" fun time.

Okay, that was too much :-p  But here are some links:

To see other Valentine's Day, and/or Romantic Cards at my site, please go to:

To submit to the "Whisper" topic of "Illustration Friday" this week, please go to:

And for anyone in the O.C. area, check out the A.C.E.!  It's a fun event I'd recommend as both a craft vendor and an attendee.

And, for anyone curious to see peeks of the event, below are some photos taken by a very talented photographer named Maurice Turner.
That's all for now, and hope everyone is having a good evening!  For anyone who enjoys being sketchy (in the drawing manner of the term), hoping that you are getting lots done in the spirit of #FridayNightArtDorks.

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