Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Silhouettes," for Sunday Postcard Art

Hello, everyone!

I discovered this blog through Linda Dots and Doodles, who is a regular contributor to "Creative Tuesdays" over at

Her work is always wonderfully designed (great characters) and very colorful, and I was very taken with her flapper kitty!  Which was how I discovered the Sunday Postcard Art site:

In any case, from what I can tell and read, the only strict requirement to participate is that your card measure four by six inches.  So, I am submitting a piece to your challenge. I hope that is okay, and hello to everyone at Sunday Postcard Art!  *Sends a friendly virtual wave*  If I need to do any editing, please let me know.  I posted after this was finished, technically not on Sunday, so, oopsie.  If it's too late, I will post then next time.

The above is a four by six postcard I made digitally from a comic story I did for an anthology.  The postcard I made digitally; the original piece was done with ink and marker, with some lettering being by hand and some lettering being digital.

Silhouettes appear off and on throughout the story, sort of in a foreshadowing way and to set the downbeat tone of what happens in the climax.  It was a lot of fun to work with silhouettes, because while they can be romantic, they can also be foreboding.  I aimed for both, with the many times they came about in the original.  When I found Sunday Postcard Art, I was especially intrigued by this theme in particular.  Silhouettes are in some ways simple, but very iconic and perfect for story communication-- if a character is clearly able to be made out in silhouette form, that can sometimes be even more powerful than a drawing where every single feature is shown.

In any case, I look forward to reading everyone's work on Sunday Postcard Art!  And I hope my popping into this challenge via hearsay is okay.

To end this, I'll include some links.

First, I'll link to Sunday Postcard Art, for anyone else interested!

Some time ago, I wrote a longer blog entry for an Inspiration Avenue challenge that shows the actual page I made the above postcard from, and that can be found here:

And I actually just taught a lesson on the importance of silhouettes to some cartooning students I instruct at an afterschool program!  Below is the link to their lesson recap, as well as work samples:

Thanks much for reading, and good wishes for the week ahead to everyone!


Deborah said...

Wow, this is wonderful, Donna! Thank you so much for playing at SPA this weekend (silhouettes is my chosen theme) - and you are not late as the theme runs until the following Saturday. Hope we see you again. Deb

Vasi said...

Very interesting to read your thoughts about using silhouettes in stories. They really make reader intrigued, I agree. Your piece of art certainly fills my mind with anticipation! :)