Sunday, January 20, 2013

Myth for "Illustration Friday"

I am a busy busy bee, off to a workshop at Gallery Nucleus later today (yay  --!! great store, gallery, and educational space), and I need to get back into more and more blogging here.  But below, here is a friendship based cartoon greeting card on the theme of "myth" for Illustration Friday.

While the friendship and collaborative work between humans and elephants is not a myth (it's a huge part of life in Thailand and India), dragons are more mythical.  So, here is a mythical friendship between a dragon, a girl, and an elephant!

The lucky thing about imagination and illustrations, is that things and creatures and situations can feel very real in your heart-- real to the point it's hard to forget what's a "myth" and what's "real."   At least, that is what my "Toy-Story" loving and believing heart tells itself.

To submit to "myth" for Illustration Friday this week, please go to:

To see other greeting cards that focus on friendship (as well as some fantasy and gothic cards), please go to:

Happy Sunday, readers (-:

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