Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Lighthouse" for Creative Tuesdays

The image below, in keeping with my obsession with bad jokes, is titled: "You Light Up My Life  --!!"

The word "Lighthouse" makes me think of many things.  The actual lighthouse itself, Virginia Woolf, and an alternative band from the early two-thousands that I was into for half a second in high school.  Although upon checking it out further, that last one is actually "Lifehouse," and therefore not-on topic.  Onward.

I just just just finished this greeting card, hence the phone photo (to make sure it is submitted to C.T. by the deadline)!  I'll try to re-upload it tonight with my scanner properly once I am back home for the day so it's a bit more high-res.  It was a lot of fun to make a card and include a lighthouse in a beach/boardwalk scene.  The lighthouse is one of five main things causing illumination in the picture-- can you find the rest?

Lighthouses are beautiful. I'm sure they're a literal light at the end of a journey for those travelling by ship and coming towards them (especially if the weather or trip was a bit rough), and often they are isolated.  A comfort to those who see them, but pretty somber and lonely themselves, nonetheless.  So, it was fun to make a card with a more light-hearted lighthouse (-:

And now, for some links!

I've yet to upload the new ones I'm working on for an upcoming fair (the "lighthouse" card included!), but to see family, friendship, and romantic cards and Valentines on my site, please quick here:


To submit to Creative Tuesdays for the theme of "Lighthouse," enter today!  The link to do so is below:


Thanks for reading and hope everyone is having a productive and fun day.


lissa said...

strangely reminding me of halloween, perhaps the color combinations. anyway, great take on the prompt.

have a great day.

Wanda said...

I think I found at least 4...not only is it a great drawing, the little quiz makes it more fun.

Good jog...good light reflections.

Christine said...

Lighthouses are beautiful as is your interpretation! Happy CT!

Alicia C said...

wonderful piece! I've always loved your dynamic figures and this scene is really cool - I like the triangle of light around the lighthouse too!

MMm.. said...

Lifehouse--i was going to say!

I so had to laugh at your first line in particular and so enjoyed your valentine card collection online! Great job. I'm glad this CT co-op has helped spur you on to such a lovely collection!

Anyway, Donna, lovely lighthouse card here too. Very fun. Thank you. Looks like it must have taken you ages too with all that detail but I can tell you enjoyed it too.

Fred Rutherford said...

super neat. Love the scene you did here on the card. I only got 4 of the illuminations, will definitely have to come back when it's not so late to pick out the fifth, I'm like that, whenever I get a puzzle or something like that I have to figure it out :) really enjoyed this a lot. Such an excellent job here. Thanks.

linda (dots n doodles) said...

There is so much detail in your card. Such a great take on the subject.