Thursday, January 31, 2013

Illustration Friday, and Wings

Super last minute I.F. post (As it's Thursday), and am only getting in a few quick progress photos of a project that's not yet done-- but here's a submission for the weekly theme "wings."

This first main photo is my I.F. submission, for there are birds nesting in her hair, and her layered hair could be described as a "wings" type of cut.  This is a pin-up that's as of yet untitled.

And below, are more shots.  Obviously this is an in-progress piece and not done, but scroll down to see more sneak photos of this pin-up/art-noveau/art-deco inspired commission.

Initial pencil.

                                                           Some initial inks.

                                                            A different angle of some initial inks.
                                                       Full body so far, of bosomy pin-up girl/character.

Have to run, but not before doing my I.F. linking duty!  Click below to submit by the end of today, Thursday, to have something for the "Wings" theme of #IllustrationFriday.  And if not, stay tuned for the new theme they'll put up tomorrow :-)

Ta ta for now.

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