Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Creative Tuesdays, and "Birthday Something!"

Above is a greeting card I am submitting for the theme of "Birthday Something" for C.T.  And it seems that the "something" (or "somethings," in this case) is fluffy.  Fluffy things.  Fluffy puppies  --!!  Fluffy puppies who enjoy birthday celebrations, by way of dancing/hugging/and giving their humans bones.  Perhaps not the most useful of gifts for a person, but the thought counts, right?  'T

Birthdays are at their best festive, which I hoped to capture in this card.  Again, festive and FLUFFY is always best.  (To be fair, these pups are short-haired, but I am animal obsessed and I call most things with fur fluffy, even if their hair is shorter or coarser).

For anyone curious about other birthday cards I have done, please go to:

To submit to Creative Tuesdays for this "Birthday Something," do so today!  Submission link here:


Wanda said...

As always Donna ~ your art work just speaks of love and happiness. You always have a loving couple... I like that. And Fluffy, and your other animals always make me smile...

So Happy Birthday ~ Something!!!

MMm.. said...

Festive and fluffy somethings? LOVE IT. :) This art make me happy inside. Great interpretation of the theme, Donna. Thank you.

Christine said...

lovely party atmosphere you have conveyed Donna!