Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and Holiday Song for Creative Tuesdays!

Here is a Holiday card that I made, using blue and gold hues to give it a wintry/New Year feel (for some reason, I always think of cold hued blues and gold-- sometimes silver-- perhaps because NYE decorations often use those colors).  Because the girls are singing and playing music, and celebrating the winter seasons and the turning over of one year into the next perhaps, I thought it was appropriate for the "Creative Tuesdays" theme of Holiday Song.

2012 has been a year full of many many things, for which I am grateful.  And on a related note, I am very grateful to have found Creative Tuesdays (two years ago, eep!).  Forums full of friendly people, creative and beautiful artwork, and interesting discussion and thematic interpretations make me happy.  So, thank you Creative Tuesdays, for being something full of inky/markery/painty contributions from everyone!  Mister Toast and everyone on here, this site is definitely a highlight and was a pleasure to participate in, and look at everyone else's work in, in 2012.  Looking forward to everything C.T. will bring with fun themes in the New Year!

To see other holiday and winter-esque cards I have done, please go to:

To submit to Creative Tuesdays by January 1st, tomorrow, for the theme of "Holiday Song" please go to:

Have a Happy and Safe New Year's Eve of Twenty-Twelve  --!!


Wanda said...

Oh Donna, you always have such a great way of expressing yourself, not only in your art, but in your words.

I so enjoy reading your little comentary on each of our themes.

I too am thankful for Mr. Toast, and all the artist friends I have made...Art is so deversified..but pulls us all together with a single thread.

Happy New Year, Donna ~ to you and all those you hold dear. Looking forward to lots more in 2013

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Donna, I think you have summed up everything that is so good about this group, and obviously without Mr T it would not happen.

Love your illustration with the idea of singing in the new year, as always you have drawn a lovely story.

Happy New Year to you and look forward to seeing more of your CT interpretations.

Christine said...

!wonderful holiday interpretation Donna!

Alicia C said...

is a lovely and wonderful card! as a violinist in the past, definitely appreciate! happy new year to you too