Friday, December 7, 2012

"Explore." Illustration Friday.

Above is my submission for this week's I.F. theme of "Explore."  As per my last I.F. submission, I talked about needing to return to the grindstone for making Christmas cards.  And, well, here we are!

I wanted to make some Christmas cards that didn't entirely use the traditional colors of red and green, and this deep yellow-orange has been making an appearance in quite a few new cards.  There is still a lot of red in the various cards I've done, but some have been more pink and green instead-- the above card a case in point.

I thought this one fit well for the "explore" theme, as this girl is going on an adventure and exploring with her magical (and enormous) Christmas kitty, as they fly through a holly, ornament, and heart filled atmosphere.  Apparently, the kitty's baby sibling didn't want to mix any of the exploring fun, so he secretly attached a leash to Kit-Zilla's tail!  Hopefully they'll all find fun things while they explore.

Anyway, must get back to freelance work and card-making, so, onward.  Oh, and have to get to bed for tomorrow's event!  Details in the links below.

To see more holiday cards (including a batch of new ones, visible in the first two lines and last two lines of the image lines in this link), go here:

To submit to Illustration Friday's theme of "Explore," go here:

And finally, for L.A. peeps, to check out a cool holiday bazaar (where I will be selling stuff, amongst the company of a lot of fun crafters, food makers, and performing artists) this weekend, come to the Artists Underground Shindig!  Details in the link below:

Thanks for reading, and hope the season's merry wherever you may be.

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