Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and Holiday Song for Creative Tuesdays!

Here is a Holiday card that I made, using blue and gold hues to give it a wintry/New Year feel (for some reason, I always think of cold hued blues and gold-- sometimes silver-- perhaps because NYE decorations often use those colors).  Because the girls are singing and playing music, and celebrating the winter seasons and the turning over of one year into the next perhaps, I thought it was appropriate for the "Creative Tuesdays" theme of Holiday Song.

2012 has been a year full of many many things, for which I am grateful.  And on a related note, I am very grateful to have found Creative Tuesdays (two years ago, eep!).  Forums full of friendly people, creative and beautiful artwork, and interesting discussion and thematic interpretations make me happy.  So, thank you Creative Tuesdays, for being something full of inky/markery/painty contributions from everyone!  Mister Toast and everyone on here, this site is definitely a highlight and was a pleasure to participate in, and look at everyone else's work in, in 2012.  Looking forward to everything C.T. will bring with fun themes in the New Year!

To see other holiday and winter-esque cards I have done, please go to:

To submit to Creative Tuesdays by January 1st, tomorrow, for the theme of "Holiday Song" please go to:

Have a Happy and Safe New Year's Eve of Twenty-Twelve  --!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Snow" for Illustration Friday

This week's I.F. theme is "snow."

I'm a busy and scattered bee, so, I shall not say anything further.  The above is a pretty self-explanatory, blank holiday greeting card.  Onto links:

Submit to I.F. here:

If interested, click onto other holiday cards by myself here:

Thanks for reading, and wishes of happy holidays to all.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Creative Tuesdays: Mittens

Hello, C.T.-ers  --!!  So I'm back to posting work.  Boo that I missed the "Starry Nights" challenge, but since this new one is "Mittens," I am very excited!

"Mittens the Kitten" was a silly nickname my Mom gave me as a kid, and mittens are quite nice and warm.  I've been trying to make lots of new holiday cards, and this one features snuggling kids who are wearing mittens, and also have mittens (as well as hearts, holly-- which I learned the correct definition of from Creative Tuesdays, actually!--swirls, and happy moons), and have little pet kittens.

So, thank you Mister Toast for this fun challenge, and I encourage everyone to submit to it!

By Tuesday December eleventh, you can submit to this challenge here:

To see this and other holiday cards I've made, please go here:

Thanks for reading, and happy Creativity Wishes to All!

Friday, December 7, 2012

"Explore." Illustration Friday.

Above is my submission for this week's I.F. theme of "Explore."  As per my last I.F. submission, I talked about needing to return to the grindstone for making Christmas cards.  And, well, here we are!

I wanted to make some Christmas cards that didn't entirely use the traditional colors of red and green, and this deep yellow-orange has been making an appearance in quite a few new cards.  There is still a lot of red in the various cards I've done, but some have been more pink and green instead-- the above card a case in point.

I thought this one fit well for the "explore" theme, as this girl is going on an adventure and exploring with her magical (and enormous) Christmas kitty, as they fly through a holly, ornament, and heart filled atmosphere.  Apparently, the kitty's baby sibling didn't want to mix any of the exploring fun, so he secretly attached a leash to Kit-Zilla's tail!  Hopefully they'll all find fun things while they explore.

Anyway, must get back to freelance work and card-making, so, onward.  Oh, and have to get to bed for tomorrow's event!  Details in the links below.

To see more holiday cards (including a batch of new ones, visible in the first two lines and last two lines of the image lines in this link), go here:

To submit to Illustration Friday's theme of "Explore," go here:

And finally, for L.A. peeps, to check out a cool holiday bazaar (where I will be selling stuff, amongst the company of a lot of fun crafters, food makers, and performing artists) this weekend, come to the Artists Underground Shindig!  Details in the link below:

Thanks for reading, and hope the season's merry wherever you may be.