Friday, November 16, 2012

"Zoom" for Illustration Friday

This week's I.F. topic is "Zoom!"

And, I'm taking it literally, as in comics and films, there is often a moment when the panel or camera "zooms" in.

As can be seen, there is a big "Zoom" in, in the last panel.  A story in which a lonely stuffed toy, feeling sadder after reading the "Velveteen Rabbit" while left home alone and wishing his human was around to play with... unknowingly, has a Kreeper Koala in the background.  Dun dun dun... how very different the phrase, "I only want a friend," can be depending on the context.

In any case, I did this for fun this past Tuesday at the Comix Jam that happened at the For Your Art space, across from LACMA.  It was very cool!  People got to come in and take down comic book pages hanging off the wall.  It was possible to choose a blank page, or a page that was partially done and finish it (or to only finish part of yours, and see if someone else would then pick it up and finish it), and people did lots of neat and different things with their stories.  Everyone's work was really different really strong, so it was a great time creating and getting to read all of the comic pages.  There was also a wall to draw on.  Where ever it was possible, I snuck in several marsupials.  Perhaps those will be posted in the future.

I chose to do a whole page.  Surprise surprise, I used the opportunity to finally do some sequential drawings with Fuzzles.  It was fun to draw a quick comic story, and cool how an initially sweet/sad story about a toy feeling lonely and "not real" all of a sudden turned "Swimfan" when it turned out he had a secret and insane "real" koala admirer... organic and strange, but it was fun.

In any event, here is the link to all of the cool Comix Art events that is holding this weekend!

And here is the I.F. website to submit:

Happy Weekend  --!!

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