Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Whiskers" for Illustration Friday

Despite my gazillion drawings that have whiskered rabbits/cats/critters, I'm going with the "whiskers as a term for beards" meaning for this I.F. challenge!

But, really. I'm posting this, largely, because I have a ton of Christmas/Hanukkah/Holiday cards to get done within the next week (and the week after that) for fairs I have coming up, and to remind myself that I must get cracking on said thematic wares.  Will hopefully post about those fairs soon.

Off to run to work, but here are some links!

To see more holiday cards I've created in the past, please go to:

To submit to "Whiskers" for I.F. (you have until tonight at midnight!), please go to:

Now, to forge ahead into the L.A. Rain.  Still a bit out of it from only having gotten back from T-Day Trip/Freezing Greater NYC 48 hours prior, but, that is for another blog.  Which may never get written, but, I  digress.

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