Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Shy" for Illustration Friday

Between visiting home/NYCC, LBCC (both of which still need a recap; iBehind on those), across the country checking in/being terrified of Hurricane Sandy, Halloween, the most recent election, and teaching/freelance deadlines...  I have been very remiss in posting.  

Have said it before and will say it again; I do miss posting on Illustration Friday, Creative Tuesdays, and Inspiration Avenue.  I'm slowly dipping back into the pool of posting submissions, and hope belatedly returning as a regular poster won't be too jarring for anyone :-p

In any event, here's my first shot.  Barely in time for this week, but here we are-- this Dia de Los Muertos inspired greeting card of mine is what I'm submitting for the theme of "Shy," for Illustration Friday.

While some of the dancing skeletons are happy and confident-- and the central girl is happy-- a few of the skull flowers she's holding wear a shy expression, the skull framed with blue and green leaves to her left seems shy, and her suitor tentatively hugging her and standing behind her also wears a shy expression.

To see other cards I've done that are also romantically themed, please go to:

And it might be the theme, but don't be shy yourself!  Submit today and get something in before tomorrow's new I.F. prompt, by going to:

Thanks for reading!  Take care, all.

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