Monday, November 12, 2012

Creative Tuesdays and the theme of NEWS

After forever, I am returning to "Creative Tuesdays!"  It has been forever and I have really wanted to catch up on the posts of Mister Toast, Fred, Heather, Linda Dots and Doodles, and so many more people I am too night-owly (why am I not asleep??) to name.   I have really missed looking at the wonderful posts and artwork, and I'm hoping to be better at balancing deadlines and blog-lines (that probably should say updates, huh) in the future.

In any case, my news piece is a quick sketch reaction to Proposition 37, which was a big thing on the "News" (the weekly theme) last week.  It was a measure on the California ballot which, unfortunately (at least in my opinion) failed.  Prop 37 would have allowed consumers to know what we are eating, as it would have required the labeling of Genetically Modified foods.  I personally am not a fan of them, I know they're pretty much in most things unless you buy organic here in the States, and I find it outrageous that this is even a thing allowed to be done to consumers-- to my knowledge, GMOs are severely restricted/banned outright in Europe, and I see no reason why they should be allowed Stateside.

In any case, the measure did not pass.  My quick sketch shows a girl thinking of this/being sad at this news and consumed with thoughts of these GMO fruits, while the same girl spins her head to watch the newscast initially broadcasting the verdict, while creepy marked-with-a-question-mark-GMO-fruits burst forth from the TV stand and almost in her face.

So, I guess we get to go along assuming that if an apple is the size of our head, then likely, it's got some GMO in it-- although we won't know officially, as it won't be labeled.  Sigh.  Perhaps the law needs to be re-drafted, and when it (hopefully) returns, it will be free of any weird wording that would hurt farmers, and fixed up so it would be a proposition to keep consumers informed and safe, knowledgeable of what is in what they are eating.

Anyway, hello again!  And forgive my rant :-p  I am happy to be on C.T. again, and I am wishing everyone well!  If you're intrigued by this topic of "News," go to the link below on November 13th to submit your entry:

Thanks everyone!  Hello, Mister Toast!


Wanda said...

Welcome back Donna

I was watching that prop. too, and wondering why it failed to pass.

I like your interpretation of it, and it was certainly NEWS.

MMm.. said...

That's a very good interpretation and interesting read, Donna. Well done! And welcome back too! :) :) :)

Sometimes I feel like packing it all up but then a former co-opper will show up and say how much they've missed our little co-op and it keeps me going along... SO thank again. your piece i charmingly drawn and newsy in a subtle but convincing way!

Christine said...

This is a wonderful interpretation Donna. I love the concerned look on her face, it's one we all wear when we listen to the news these days.

Lisa said...

Unique and very good. You are talented.

linda (dots n doodles) said...

A really thought provoking interpretation and so well illustrated. Being across the pond, I was not aware of Proposition 37, so I have learnt some news!

And welcome back too!

Fred Rutherford said...

Great piece and companion post. I try to stick to organic myself, yet some things are just insane the difference in cost here. For example. Gallon of milk goes between 1.89 and 2.19 depending on store/sale, but organic goes between 4.99 and 6.99 a gallon. and to make matters worse, you rarely find coupons for organic food, at least what I eat anyway. Some proposals seem like no brainers, and then fail, it's really baffling. Glad to see you back.