Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Whiskers" for Illustration Friday

Despite my gazillion drawings that have whiskered rabbits/cats/critters, I'm going with the "whiskers as a term for beards" meaning for this I.F. challenge!

But, really. I'm posting this, largely, because I have a ton of Christmas/Hanukkah/Holiday cards to get done within the next week (and the week after that) for fairs I have coming up, and to remind myself that I must get cracking on said thematic wares.  Will hopefully post about those fairs soon.

Off to run to work, but here are some links!

To see more holiday cards I've created in the past, please go to:

To submit to "Whiskers" for I.F. (you have until tonight at midnight!), please go to:

Now, to forge ahead into the L.A. Rain.  Still a bit out of it from only having gotten back from T-Day Trip/Freezing Greater NYC 48 hours prior, but, that is for another blog.  Which may never get written, but, I  digress.

Friday, November 16, 2012

"Zoom" for Illustration Friday

This week's I.F. topic is "Zoom!"

And, I'm taking it literally, as in comics and films, there is often a moment when the panel or camera "zooms" in.

As can be seen, there is a big "Zoom" in, in the last panel.  A story in which a lonely stuffed toy, feeling sadder after reading the "Velveteen Rabbit" while left home alone and wishing his human was around to play with... unknowingly, has a Kreeper Koala in the background.  Dun dun dun... how very different the phrase, "I only want a friend," can be depending on the context.

In any case, I did this for fun this past Tuesday at the Comix Jam that happened at the For Your Art space, across from LACMA.  It was very cool!  People got to come in and take down comic book pages hanging off the wall.  It was possible to choose a blank page, or a page that was partially done and finish it (or to only finish part of yours, and see if someone else would then pick it up and finish it), and people did lots of neat and different things with their stories.  Everyone's work was really different really strong, so it was a great time creating and getting to read all of the comic pages.  There was also a wall to draw on.  Where ever it was possible, I snuck in several marsupials.  Perhaps those will be posted in the future.

I chose to do a whole page.  Surprise surprise, I used the opportunity to finally do some sequential drawings with Fuzzles.  It was fun to draw a quick comic story, and cool how an initially sweet/sad story about a toy feeling lonely and "not real" all of a sudden turned "Swimfan" when it turned out he had a secret and insane "real" koala admirer... organic and strange, but it was fun.

In any event, here is the link to all of the cool Comix Art events that is holding this weekend!

And here is the I.F. website to submit:

Happy Weekend  --!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Creative Tuesdays and the theme of NEWS

After forever, I am returning to "Creative Tuesdays!"  It has been forever and I have really wanted to catch up on the posts of Mister Toast, Fred, Heather, Linda Dots and Doodles, and so many more people I am too night-owly (why am I not asleep??) to name.   I have really missed looking at the wonderful posts and artwork, and I'm hoping to be better at balancing deadlines and blog-lines (that probably should say updates, huh) in the future.

In any case, my news piece is a quick sketch reaction to Proposition 37, which was a big thing on the "News" (the weekly theme) last week.  It was a measure on the California ballot which, unfortunately (at least in my opinion) failed.  Prop 37 would have allowed consumers to know what we are eating, as it would have required the labeling of Genetically Modified foods.  I personally am not a fan of them, I know they're pretty much in most things unless you buy organic here in the States, and I find it outrageous that this is even a thing allowed to be done to consumers-- to my knowledge, GMOs are severely restricted/banned outright in Europe, and I see no reason why they should be allowed Stateside.

In any case, the measure did not pass.  My quick sketch shows a girl thinking of this/being sad at this news and consumed with thoughts of these GMO fruits, while the same girl spins her head to watch the newscast initially broadcasting the verdict, while creepy marked-with-a-question-mark-GMO-fruits burst forth from the TV stand and almost in her face.

So, I guess we get to go along assuming that if an apple is the size of our head, then likely, it's got some GMO in it-- although we won't know officially, as it won't be labeled.  Sigh.  Perhaps the law needs to be re-drafted, and when it (hopefully) returns, it will be free of any weird wording that would hurt farmers, and fixed up so it would be a proposition to keep consumers informed and safe, knowledgeable of what is in what they are eating.

Anyway, hello again!  And forgive my rant :-p  I am happy to be on C.T. again, and I am wishing everyone well!  If you're intrigued by this topic of "News," go to the link below on November 13th to submit your entry:

Thanks everyone!  Hello, Mister Toast!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Shy" for Illustration Friday

Between visiting home/NYCC, LBCC (both of which still need a recap; iBehind on those), across the country checking in/being terrified of Hurricane Sandy, Halloween, the most recent election, and teaching/freelance deadlines...  I have been very remiss in posting.  

Have said it before and will say it again; I do miss posting on Illustration Friday, Creative Tuesdays, and Inspiration Avenue.  I'm slowly dipping back into the pool of posting submissions, and hope belatedly returning as a regular poster won't be too jarring for anyone :-p

In any event, here's my first shot.  Barely in time for this week, but here we are-- this Dia de Los Muertos inspired greeting card of mine is what I'm submitting for the theme of "Shy," for Illustration Friday.

While some of the dancing skeletons are happy and confident-- and the central girl is happy-- a few of the skull flowers she's holding wear a shy expression, the skull framed with blue and green leaves to her left seems shy, and her suitor tentatively hugging her and standing behind her also wears a shy expression.

To see other cards I've done that are also romantically themed, please go to:

And it might be the theme, but don't be shy yourself!  Submit today and get something in before tomorrow's new I.F. prompt, by going to:

Thanks for reading!  Take care, all.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012