Monday, October 15, 2012

Con Recaps: Portland Zine Symposium

Hello, world!

Summer and Fall have both been insanely busy, and I just returned from being at the Artist's Alley of New York Comic Con.  Great event, that merits its own blog-- but for now, I'll quickly recap the festival I did before NYCC, which was the PDX Zine Symposium back in August.  I also did L.A.'s Chinatown Summer Nights Festival at the end of August one night, which was also quite fun.  For now, though, I will stick mostly to Convention recaps.

Portland is a somewhat London-y city, in terms of weather, and is a very indie place.  It almost feels as if the college I went to turned into a Northwestern town-- at least that is how I felt when I was in the city.  DIY Culture is pretty big there.  There's even an independent publishing center that helps people print their self-published works, and the community there is very supportive.  Here are the links relevant to that resource center, as well as the Zine Symposium itself:

In any case, this is more of a picture blog recapping my own travels and space at the Con than anything-- especially since I've been battling a headache for a few days, given that I didn't at all sleep much during NYCC, I don't think waxing eloquently would work out so well right now.  But I want to get back into posting on this blog more regularly, so, here we go.

As you can see above, marsupials who love to caffeinate themselves are here to welcome you into this post.  Fuzzles, on the left, had a  new outfit for the PDX Zinefest.  It's a crinoline that doubles as a collar, as well as a blankety-lacey-skirty thing.  (#Insanity, but I still think toys, silliness, and being yourself without caring what naysayers think are awesome, so, moving on).

The event was held at a place called "Refuge," in PDX's SouthEast district.  Very nice space, wood floors, and even a stage!  I snapped a secret picture of this girl whose pants I thought were awesome, and I wish I could somehow find a pair to wear.  Either human size, or mini-sized for Fuzzles.

Above is Fuzzles and Ball'O (that right hand Koala's name is "Ball'O Fun," which is because of his round ball like shape), chillin' on my table. I had some new things for sale that were made just before this con, including some prints and a new portrait zine, so that was fun.

Koala Creepin' behind table, with a Blair Hairbow, Take one.

Koala Creepin' behind table, Take Two.

Just a full shot of the table.

Close up of the table, showing greeting cards/greeting card books/a new print/an old print/various comics and zines/and, the new "Faces" portrait zine.

One of the new things I had at the Zine Festival were prints of "The Fur Tree," a piece I made some time ago.  

The final version is the colored one, but I liked the B/W one very much so I made prints of both.   Actually, the B/W print is a coloring page, for kids and kids at heart to color themselves in marker if they so choose!

When I went to get food at a nearby pub during a break, I actually ran into my friend from L.A.  Small world!  He took this silly picture of me and Fuzzles, and emailed it to me.  I look cray cray, but since it showcases Fuzzles in all of his cute glory, I'm posting the picture anyway.

Final pic: Being on the MAX Rail, heading back to PDX Airport.  Which is actually a great airport, and Elephant Cafe is my favorite place to eat in there.

So long for now, and looking forward to posting on more blog challenges when there's some more time, and also, recapping the awesomeness that was #NYCC!