Friday, September 7, 2012

"Imagination" for Illustration Friday

So, this is part of a series I'm doing called "Faces," showing cartoon portraits with hidden imagery in and around the heads.  This one's called "Goth-waii," for obvious reasons.  See any hidden ponies, puppies, bears, or kitties?  

Oh, wait.  I just said what they were... so, effectively un-hid them.  Whoops.

In any case, the I.F. prompt is "Imagination," and if the above girl has these critters pouring forth from her because of what's on her mind?  Well then, she does have an overactive "imagination."

Haven't had any time to update to blogs in forever.  That said, since I am using this image here, I will also link to another link where this picture is shown, if one searches my name:

Nerves and excitement and yes, oh my!

In any case, here's the link to more samples of the "Faces" series:

And here's how to go and submit to I.F.-- Click the below website, follow the instructions:

Thanks for reading  --!!


Tony LaRocca said...

I love the expression on her face. You have a very unique style.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated to the topic of this blog, but yeah. You do remind me of Mr. Garrison so much!

craftydvl said...

Hi Tony! Late reply, but thanks for the kind words. Will check out your blog when I get the chance. Illustration Friday is a very cool forum.

Hi Kris Adele/Nadine Kelly! Not sure which name you prefer, since your email has one name, and this faceless blog has another, and I don't recognize either from real life. If I do know you, sorry for not recalling.

But, thanks for taking the time to send your email and subsequent blog comment-- It's nice when someone takes that much time out of their schedule to get in contact ;-) Got to go, but you take care now.