Friday, September 21, 2012

Illustration Friday: Crooked! And also, Which Image for a Poster?

Below, is the piece I'm submitting (with its title listed) for this week's "Illustration Friday," for the theme of "Crooked." 

1.  "Clowning Around."

With her mischievous head tilt, the main character in this piece is holding her head at a "crooked" angle.

(Incidentally, there's a place I like in the LBC called "The Crooked Duck"-- it's a place to eat, and while I've only had their coffee, I am a fan mainly because of the fun name-- this challenge made me think of that).
For others who want to submit to I.F., the link is here:

Now, the blog's being opened up advice from teh Interwebz-- from likely mostly Facebook peeps, once I've posted this over there (although any strangers just seeing this via I.F. or elsewhere are welcome to comment as well).  With various big conventions coming up, I want to figure out what new things to have.

As I've recently been doing this "Faces" series with portraits, and hidden hair and face imagery (which is out in a little zine I made), I want to figure out which of the faces people like, and which ones people would like to see in postcard (about 3"x5"), print (9"x12" ish), or poster (11"x17" or bigger) form.

I've put up five, that I was thinking of-- and, I am putting it out there on the Internet to find out which ones people like-- and/or, which ones people like better as something small, or which ones people think would be cool enough to be bigger, tack-onto-the-wall-able prints or posters.

Look at the first picture (my I.F. submission) to start, then scroll down to see the other five (the last one being what I submitted a couple of weeks ago to I.F., as well the image I'm using for my NYCC icon-- and therefore, perhaps something I should print? Hrmm).

Any help would be much appreciated (-:  Thanks  --!!

                                                            2.  "Hitched."

                                                                   3.  My Turn

                                                                 4.  Swirlie Skulls

                                                             5.  Goth-Waii


Milo Magno said...

As usual...your work is always really cool super detailed (wich i love) and pretty unique but I would say that the last three are real attention grabbers....i really like the blue, black and red combo in your other work too...i would go with the last three...

Vincent S. Moore said...

I think the first and fifth images would work best as postcards or prints, Donna. Nice work.

Sheikasaurus Rex said...

I love love love LOVE "Clowning Around" and I think it would make a great print. Same for 2, 4 and 5. Since I've seen these in person, I know how beautifully detailed they are and I think the details would be shown off even more as larger prints.I would say #3 is my least favorite. It would look good as a postcard but not so much as a print.

Can't wait to see how these look!