Friday, August 17, 2012

Inspiration Avenue and "Fairies"

Here is a card, just to say, "I love you, in ev-fairy way!"

Very fun theme, and here are the links to submit to this week's I.A. yourself :-D:

I am too overheated/uncomfortable from the heatwave to write or say too much more, but I hope everyone else is feeling comfortable and off to a "fairy" fun weekend!

"Teacher" for Illustration Friday

This is a mother/daughter greeting card, but as your family always teaches you things throughout life-- and as they're your first real teachers-- it seems appropriate.  I thought a little girl and her Mom, learning how to do crafts together, fit the theme.

To submit to I.F., please go to:

To see other such cards, please go to:

And on the subject of family and childhood-- come check out the "Memories are Made of This" show tomorrow night, Saturday, at the Munky King Gallery on Melrose!  Thirteen year old curator/artist extraordinaire Cooper Berella curated this show (his third Munky King curated show to date), which I am proud to be a part of.  He's a great kid, and his shows are always for a good cause.  Learn more here:

Thanks for reading, and happy Friday!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inspiration Avenue: Zentangles? ZENFUZZLES --!!

I had never before heard of Zentangles, but as I am into hidden imagery and swirlies, this made me very happy!  Thank you, Inspiration Avenue, for introducing me to something new, fun, and inspiring for future work :-D

I made a sketch for this challenge, based on my plushie toy who gets featured on this blog every so often.  Fuzzles the Koala.  Appropriately, this is a "Zentangles" challenge, and I have named the above drawing "ZENFUZZLES."

And now, for some links!

To submit to the "Zentangles" challenge on I.A., please go to:

To learn more about "Zentangles," please go to:

 And I think I post this every time, but here is a silly post I made of me and Fuzzles (to see the marsupial, the myth, the legend... not really, but I think it's fun to be young at heart and silly sometimes):

Thanks for reading  --!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Perfectly Pink" for Inspiration Avenue

For this week's I.A. (which I am so excited by, because I love this color), the above girls partying in a Friendship Card are doing so for this week's theme of "Pink!"

The caption is, "You Totally Rock!"  Silly and simple pun, but I remain easily amused :-p

Incidentally, as someone who is a very weird combination of girly and not-at-all, the girly side loves this color and cool outfits in various shades of this hue.  So, this was a fun challenge!

As per usual, links below:

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Thank you for reading and hoping all is well for you guys!