Thursday, June 14, 2012

Inspiration Avenue: Chickens and Roosters!

For this week's I.A., the challenge was Chickens and Roosters! 

Being a fan of patterns, and seeing as I hadn't made one in a while, I re-purposed an old Halloween card I made, where a chicken and chicks were playing dress up, and the chicken was puling a cart-- and turned it into a kaleidoscope like (cluck-eidoscope like?) pattern.

Obviously Halloween is not for some time, but comic convention season is approaching, and therefore, so do the excuses to dress up!  :-p   Hoping everyone enjoys this masked girl, her masked chicken friend, and the silly chickadees playing about.

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Hope everyone is having eggs-cellent weeks!

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Claire said...

i enlarged this to see all the detail... a really great entry!!