Friday, June 22, 2012

Illustration Friday and the theme of "Space"

For the I.F. theme of "Space," here is a Space-y themed Greeting Card commission I made some time ago.

Just now, I'm realizing that the Moon, Sun, and Saturns floating around kind of look like a fruit basket.

*Perplexed Blink*

Odd, but perhaps it's more like a Calypso Space drawing?

Anyway, the "Fruit Basket" thing reminds me of Disney's "The Jungle Book," when Mowgli gets a black eye, I believe?  Or Baloo does.  In any case, they're both worse for wear, Mowgli tells Baloo he looks terrible, and Baloo grumpily says, "You don't look like a basket of fruit yourself."

And now that I've gone on an entirely random tangent to both "Space" and the point of this blog in the first place, here's a useful link!  Submit to I.F. over here:

Hope everyone's having great Fridays!

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