Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blog/Icon Button, for Creative Tuesdays!

Whew!  So, this might be a little busy for a blog button.  But I figured that my blog is largely about drawing, and that koalas come up a lot-- as something I discuss, and something I draw.

So, I pieced together these koala pieces as a logo of marsupial madness:

The border is from a previous C.T. challenge (one of "patterns," which has inspired me to make more), and the main figure is a girl from my new "Faces" series.  I thought the black and white looked neat throughout the piece, and I felt these pieces were my best koala-related things, especially for capturing the essence of the blog as a whole.

I fear this is a little too vertical for a blog button, and should be square-er... but perhaps I can still get away with it?  Hrmm, hrmm...

But without further ado, share your logo with the world, Mister Toast, and C.T.!


Thanks for reading!


MMm.. said...

Oh, so glad you got this in Donna! Ty for giving it a go too along with the others brave enough to try! Yes, interesting pic and summs up your blog well, art wise.

You know it doesn't have to be square btw but the biggest thing to consider is that it is a quick read-simpler usually works better..when viewing small. Let's give it a go and see how it pans out. I so love your avatar btw and also feel this is a good rep of your artwork too. :)

MMm.. said...

oh haha, i just realised your avatar is a photo. wow. ok.

I;d love to see you try this art piece with just the face and your felt tip backgrounds. that woudl be fun too.

craftydvl said...

Hey Mister Toast! I will give it a whirl when I can :-D The original piece is here, and didn't have a felt tip background, but maybe one more simple?


Thank you for the Grahpic Designer-y input! (-: I need to learn much more of that.

Betsy Brock said...

yes, this looks just great for representing your blog! I actually think this face is one of my favorites of yours!

the little koala border might look like roses or polka dots when it gets reduced in size, but it will still make a nice border!

Wanda said...

I think it pictures your blog perfectly.

Fred Rutherford said...

no, not too busy at all, I love it. Came out great. Really neat logo