Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blog/Icon Button, for Creative Tuesdays!

Whew!  So, this might be a little busy for a blog button.  But I figured that my blog is largely about drawing, and that koalas come up a lot-- as something I discuss, and something I draw.

So, I pieced together these koala pieces as a logo of marsupial madness:

The border is from a previous C.T. challenge (one of "patterns," which has inspired me to make more), and the main figure is a girl from my new "Faces" series.  I thought the black and white looked neat throughout the piece, and I felt these pieces were my best koala-related things, especially for capturing the essence of the blog as a whole.

I fear this is a little too vertical for a blog button, and should be square-er... but perhaps I can still get away with it?  Hrmm, hrmm...

But without further ado, share your logo with the world, Mister Toast, and C.T.!


Thanks for reading!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Illustration Friday and the theme of "Space"

For the I.F. theme of "Space," here is a Space-y themed Greeting Card commission I made some time ago.

Just now, I'm realizing that the Moon, Sun, and Saturns floating around kind of look like a fruit basket.

*Perplexed Blink*

Odd, but perhaps it's more like a Calypso Space drawing?

Anyway, the "Fruit Basket" thing reminds me of Disney's "The Jungle Book," when Mowgli gets a black eye, I believe?  Or Baloo does.  In any case, they're both worse for wear, Mowgli tells Baloo he looks terrible, and Baloo grumpily says, "You don't look like a basket of fruit yourself."

And now that I've gone on an entirely random tangent to both "Space" and the point of this blog in the first place, here's a useful link!  Submit to I.F. over here:


Hope everyone's having great Fridays!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Creative Tuesdays: Gift!

I'm coming to C.T. with a new birthday submission-- last week was "Celebration" and I showed birthday celebrations.  This week, the theme is "Gift," and I am going with birthday gifts!

I, perhaps, have birthdays on the brain, since this past weekend three of my closest friends had birthdays and making sure to spend time with each of them kept me very busy Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Plus, my own birthday is later in the summer, but I will not dwell on that until the time comes!

Without further ado, here is a greeting card with the theme of "Gift," being submitted for the June Nineteenth Creative Tuesdays!

Upon drawing this card, I thought that it was the girl on the right who was being given the gift.  Now, I'm not sure.  One the one hand, the left-hand girl looks like she's excited, dancing, and about to hand over the gift.  But then again, she appears the most excited gift-giver in the world (to the point of being more dressed up than the birthday girl, and perhaps stealing the show from her unfairly).  Perhaps, the girl on the right actually IS the birthday girl-- and the girl on the left handed her that gift off camera (off paper?), and now Birthday Girl and her excitement/new gift/diva-y birthday outfit are cavorting around.

Also, there are three cats.  One flying by way of balloon, one dancing en pointe (and probably being partially held in air by her balloon), and one being snuggled who looks ever so slightly confused and scared.  *pets virtual fraidy cat, to let the kitty know all will be okay*

So, I've written enough silliness, and will present everyone with some links, without further ado!

To see other cards like this one at my website, please go to:

To submit to Creative Tuesdays, run by the fabulous blogger, Mister Toast, please go to this link on Tuesday, June Nineteenth:

Hoping everyone's having a good week <3

Monday, June 18, 2012

"On Holiday" for Inspiration Avenue

For the I.A. "On Holiday" challenge, I'm submitting a card of some Victorian backpackers.  They might be carrying around too much luggage, but at least they are going to have many fabulous changes of clothes (as well as, hopefully, necessities) without having to worry!  With a purse, a roll up-suitcase including an umbrella, a suitcase, a bottle, and a bucket, they're pretty well covered.

If anything, they'll have a vacation where they are over-prepared.  Apparently, one stop on their Holiday involves the beach/seashore, because I'm not quite sure why else Little Miss Girl on the Left would be carrying the bucket on her head.

This card's caption is, "I Could Never Carry On Without You!"

To see other friendship greeting cards I've created, please go to:

To submit to I.A., please go to the Inspiration Avenue Blog, at the entry that says "On Holiday:"

Thanks, and hopefully we all get to take a fun holiday soon!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ilustration Friday: Secret

                                               "That's why her hair is so big... it's full of secrets!"

Just kidding.  That's a "Mean Girls" quote, only referenced because of the hidden imagery in the hair of the girl above.  This I.F. submission of mine is for the theme "Secret," and is a follow-up to one I posted a while ago.  Her face is loosely based on the protagonist of "Revenge," and the goings-on in her hair tell hints of what happened throughout the story of the initial season.

I think she's the perfect character for the theme of "Secret," because her big secret is that she's living under a false identity, and none of the people she lives amongst know that she's returned to town, to avenge her father's framing for a crime he didn't commit, and death.  If they knew she'd been born Amanda Clarke (and was the daughter of the man they had to conspire against, to save themselves), her revenge-y plans would fall apart.  The name she goes by is Emily Thorne, so, on the interwebs she's usually referred to as "Emanda."  But, nobody knows her "Secret."  On a technical level, I think the images hidden in her hair constitute "secret," or hidden, images, so there's that :-p

Above is a picture of this same "Emanda" inspired piece, when it was in progress, where I used computer manipulation for that Old-Timey, Sepia-y, "Faded" look.  I submitted that for the I.F. theme, "Faded."

I posted this awesome GIF last time, to showcase Emanda's perfected rage glare, so here it is again:


Now that I've officially dipped into the pool of fan-art, I will swim away quietly!  Links below:

To see other pieces I've done in the upcoming series about "faces," please go to:

To submit or see other work at I.F., please go to:

Happy Illustrating and Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Inspiration Avenue: Chickens and Roosters!

For this week's I.A., the challenge was Chickens and Roosters! 

Being a fan of patterns, and seeing as I hadn't made one in a while, I re-purposed an old Halloween card I made, where a chicken and chicks were playing dress up, and the chicken was puling a cart-- and turned it into a kaleidoscope like (cluck-eidoscope like?) pattern.

Obviously Halloween is not for some time, but comic convention season is approaching, and therefore, so do the excuses to dress up!  :-p   Hoping everyone enjoys this masked girl, her masked chicken friend, and the silly chickadees playing about.

To submit to this week's Inspiration Avenue, please go to:

Hope everyone is having eggs-cellent weeks!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Creative Tuesdays: Celebrations!

For Mister Toast's Creative Tuesdays Prompt of "Celebrations," I've gone with the Birthday and the Punny Route! Here is a card for the challenge.

These two little boys are having a puppy themed Birthday Party, where they're celebrating with puppy toys, balloons, and even a puppy frame (one boy went with wearing puppy ears, the other with a traditional hat).

The caption is, "As You Celebrate Your Birthday, Hope You 'Arf' Having A Wonderful Day!"

To see more birthday cards, please go to:

To submit to Mister Toast's Creative Tuesdays for this week, please go to:

Hope everyone's having a week filled with celebration and jubilation (-:

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Inspiration Avenue: "Wishes"

Going to go with the genie theme on this one for Inspiration Avenue, and the challenge of "Wishes."

What wishes do you think will be granted? New toys, or wishes for more serious life choices?

To see other spot illustrations I have done, please go to:

And to enter, please go to:

Thanks for reading!

Oh, and P.S., the song "Three Wishes" by The Pierces is just absolutely one of the best.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Creative Tuesdays: The theme of "Underground" and "Underwater"

Here we go!  For today's C.T. I chose the theme of "Underground," and am showing some "Undergroundhogs!"

This little guy and gal are celebrating, since he just gave her a surprise plushie.  They are living it up in their stalactite-filled den, complete with floating hearts.

Here's a closer view of the characters:

Here's a slightly closer view of the girl groundhog:

And a closer of the boy:

In the first two images, a few of those floating hearts by the male's paws even have bat-wings, in keeping with the cave and underground theme.  Would those be  called heart-bats?  Barts?  Or Hats?  I kind of like thinking of them as "flying hats.''  Clearly, amusing me can be an easy task.

In any case, to enter by Tuesday June fifth, go to the following link:

And to view the submissions, go on that day to the most recent blog entry at:

Thanks as always to Mister Toast and the many wonderful C.T.-ers!  :-D