Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"School's Out" for Inspiration Avenue

Belated Happy Memorial Day to all-- for the Summer Vacation/School's Out theme this week, I've included a Greeting Card with a fantastical Mother/Daughter moment, where they are sailing along on a trusty Swan friend.

(Sidebar:  clearly this one is a bit more White Swan-esque, since although I love the concept of the "Black Swan" and am unhealthily obsessed with that film, I wouldn't trust such an angry Anatidae to give me a ride :-p  heh)

In any event, on summer vacations when I was little, my Mom and I would always go and feed ducks at the local duck pond.  I loved ducks, and was really excited to get to see those as well as ducklings.  Swans didn't come around as much, so they were an extra-special treat when they'd occasionally waddle through the park.

Hopefully this lass and her Mama will have many fun evenings during the summer where they get to travel Swan Lake, if not see (or be characters in) the ballet of the same name (-:

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P.S.  Just finished mailing off half my postcards for the Postcard project tonight, and the final ones going out tomorrow.  Eep!  Exciting and very White Rabbity to run so late, but I am excited to get them out and very much hoping my recipients enjoy them.  I have been smiling a lot with the ones that have been coming to me in the mail ^___^

P.P.S.  And, edited to add-- thank you very much, Inspiration Avenue!  My swanny passions this week earned me the I.A. Red Carpet badge for the week, and I am very grateful <3  Yay for summer, school being out, and happy art making!  <3  Hugs and hope everyone's week is off to an inspirational start.

P.P.P.S.  It's somewhat tragic how long it took me to figure out how to add the Red Carpet Badge to my blog, but I finally did it, and it brings any readers back to the I.A. blog.  Please click there, and scroll down to see the many wonderful challenges and art that go up each week!


Lou Anne said...

Thank you for participating in this week's IA challenge Donna. I love your swan! I used to love feeding ducks too but I don't remember there ever being a swan.

Michele Bergh said...

What a fun image with the kids playing with the swan! Thank you for sharing your artwork.

see you there! said...

What an interesting piece. Like it a lot!


IMGIRL said...

I always love viewing your artwork. So original and creative!

Jennifer McLean said...

Hi Donna,
Your postcard arrived! thank you very much for making it for me, this swap has been such fun. I only have two more postcards to receive then I can blog about them all! Thanks again!